How to Learn & Improve Basic English Grammar with Online Grammar Checker


How many people speak English?

You, I, they. Everyone speaks English. It is the most widely used and most commonly spoken language globally. The total population of the world is 7.5 billion people, out of which 1.5 billion speak this language. Well, 54 countries have declared it as their official language.

A brief history

The history of this language goes to the 5th century. When Britain was attacked by the Germanic tribes, which led to the birth of Old English. The English existing in that period was not similar to our modern version. However, the words that we speak today have their roots from that language. In the year 1066, the Normans invaded England and introduced the English people with a type of French. The French and Latin words, amalgamated with Old English, and Middle English came into being. In the period of the industrial revolution in the 16th century, English needed more words, so British imperialists adopted many foreign words. It led to the birth of Modern English, which we speak today.

English as a mode of communication

It is now the language of business internationally. The global gigantic multinationals have turned the language in their dealings—Airbus, Apple, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Nokia, Renault, Samsung, SAP, Technicolor, and Microsoft. Even in Asian and African countries, their employees communicate via emails, phone, face-to-face in English.

Many governments, security agencies, embassies communicate internally and externally in English. Even their archives are prepared in this language. In many of the occasions speaking any other language apart from English is considered alien.

Making mistakes

Since many people are new to it so there are chances of mistakes. Imagine a profitability report of a company prepared but, have grammatical and spelling mistakes.
Can you present that report to your manager? By making an online grammar check of your written work with Preposetseo you can easily eliminate the chance of any mistake in your work.

Such mistakes can lead to misunderstanding. In fact, the wrong business decisions occurring due to incorrect English can also result in huge monetary losses.

Common mistakes in English

Wrong Spelling, incorrect tone and grammatical mistakes can minimize your reputation in your job, school, or anywhere else. You might have seen many people making such grammatical mistakes, that you would never expect them to do.

Trust me! We are human beings, starting from Adam’s sin till now. We make some kind of flaw.
Some of the common mistakes include the use of It’s/Its, Gone/Went, Watch/Look/See, affect/effect, your/you’re, are/our.

For example, if you have to type an introductory email to your customer and you mistakenly type:
“Welcome to are company”
You are supposed to type the following:
“Welcome to our company”
Can you imagine how bad the impression your customers will get?

How to avoid such mistakes?

Online ‘grammar checker’ assists you in making the English language a piece of cake for you. It is completely free of cost. The fundamental reason for this checker is to enhance the value of everything that that has been pasted in it.

So, don’t you worry your text will not be made public and it will be kept private. We respect privacy.

When you have written any kind of text (email, business report, etc.), you must input the text in the following box present on the website:

You can access it on Android, iPhone, and iPad both. You do not necessarily need to have a laptop to use this grammar checker.

What are the benefits of it?

There are native as well as nonnative speakers of English who out of embarrassment do not ask questions regarding the Basic English from others. Fearing that the people would make fun of them.

Believe you me, we will not make fun of you. We provide you the best of the best service. Constant, use of this checker to improve your grammar can result in a positive outcome.

Kindly, do not expect a change in a day or two. Remember, that the development takes time.

The English mistakes which you have been making from many years and those which have not been pointed out by others will become better.

Using this grammar checker daily can help you judge how better you have become.

For example, if you input an essay of the 1,000-word count. In case you are a beginner, so you might make 70% percent mistakes.

Tomorrow, again use it to rectify your mistakes in your another essay which you have written, so you will see that the number of mistakes has been reduced. A time will come in a few months’ time that your mistakes have been reduced to a percentage of 10 only.

Note: This will only happen if you keep on incorporating the changes to your mistakes regularly. The key is to learn from them.

What sort of mistakes does it correct?

The answer is all types of necessary mistakes which can affect the quality of your work will be corrected. Your written material will be improved and will surely inspire the readers with flawless English used in it.

It will help you to correct the following mistakes:



Overuse sentences/ words

Wrong verbs and tenses

Broken sentences

Incorrect pronouns

Who can take advantage of it?

Everyone, who is acquainted with English and willing to better it can use it. Just for your convenience, we feel that we should tell you the people who can be benefitted from it:

Teachers and Students:

Both are related to the literary field, the former requires the checking of the material submitted by the students. However, the latter has to search for the flaws in their assignments.

Digital marketers:

The wrong usage of English can harm the business of Search Engine Optimizers. There is a neck-to-neck competition on the internet. So, digital marketers need to see that all the mistakes should be removed to earn a good ranking on Google.


Those people who are full-time or part-time writers. Remember, this tool can aid you in your livelihood. You can trust us, we will not let your bread and butter be affected.

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