How to Find Proven Personal Statement Services in 2019

Writing a personal statement is exciting and terrifying at the same time. We are fortunate that we can just hop online and find people who will do it all for us. You are bombarded with so many options and all of these seems amazing. How do you determine which one is right for you? When you look at personal statement services, you need to know what you are looking for.

A personal statement needs to reflect who you are and what your journey entails. There is no shortcut on this one and there shouldn’t be. If someone is going to write your story, they need to know who you are. They cannot do that if there are no open lines of communication. Anyone can write a generic personal statement and sell it to 10 different people. You need to find a service that is going to care about the outcome of this writing. Apply these methods when trying to find a personal statement service in 2019.


Check the track record

One way of finding a good writing company is to look at what has been done before. You can do this by looking at reviews or customer testimonials. If you don’t see any on their website, ask them. Someone who has personal ethics statements can write yours on the topic. You can only know what the writing style is, if you can see an example. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample of previous work. It puts your mind at ease and you know exactly what to expect.

Quality first

You want someone who has a good command of the language you need your personal statement written in. If you do not give them a deadline that is ridiculous, you should get high-quality results. Also discuss the number of edits that is allowed, in case you are not happy with the first try. Most services won’t charge you extra if you are unhappy with the writing. If you want to go with a reputable personal statement writer, you might pay a bit more, but the quality should not be a let-down.

Reasonable pricing structure

Like mentioned, you will likely pay a bit more for quality, but it should not be that far off. If you read some good reviews and you are sure who to go with, check the prices of other providers. When the price is that much more than the rest, it might not be worth your time. If it’s a little more than some others, or it is on par, you are more likely to be dealing with a good service provider.

Ask around

We hop onto the internet very quickly, but there are still some benefits to checking with others. If you cannot find someone to write your personal statement, ask around on forums, social media or people you know. It’s surprising how many students are outsourcing this service. Look at yale essay prompts and check with others who have used a service to get this done.

Proper research

It is totally up to you and the research you do, that will determine your success. Do not just go with the first option you see if it is not impressive. A service provider who is legit will not force you into anything. You will get the rates, what you can expect and from there you make the decision.


Another route you can take in this regard is to hire a freelancer. Someone who is good at writing and has some experience in writing personal statements. It is definitely not the easiest way to find a proven personal statement writer, but if you ding that person, it could be great. You would be able to communicate on a regular basis to check on the project or change any details.

Do you use writing services during your studies?

Some students do not believe in outsourcing any writing, but with the schedules becoming busier, it is growing in popularity. You have to do what is best for you and what will help you succeed. All this time you spent on preparing for this moment can leave you exhausted. Leaving it up to the experts might be an option you should consider. There are also students who simply don’t enjoy the writing process and it can become tedious when the moment arises. It’s definitely worth checking out service providers when there is a need. Just be sure to check everything before committing.


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