How to Buy a Smartphone for Gaming

What are the foremost specs you look for when buying a smartphone? If you are an obsessive selfie taker, you would look at how great the camera is. If you want to use the smartphone for work purposes, you would check features like available connections. Likewise, there is a specific set of features to look for when you buy a smartphone for gaming.

How to Buy a Smartphone for Gaming

Mobile gaming has been on the rise in recent years. Though smartphones are not as powerful as desktops when it comes to gaming, the latest mobile tech can recreate the experience of gaming just as well. Some of the best-known games in recent times were designed for phones and tablets. You may still remember the viral popularity of Pokémon GO, which was available exclusively on smartphones. More recently, immensely popular games like Fortnight have been optimized for smartphones.

There are tons of games available on phones these days. But the game you want may not be available on the smartphone you own. If you are thinking about buying a smartphone just for gaming, here are the main things you need to consider:


Decide between a Smartphone and a Tablet

If you want to play favorite mobile games on the go, there are actually two handheld device options to consider: smartphones and tablets. It may sound convenient to buy a smartphone, but sometimes a tablet may suit your needs better.

Tablets tend to have a larger display, more storage, and pack more computing power—even slightly—compared to smartphones. Sure, tablets are not convenient to make phone calls on, but when it comes to getting work done, it’s a better option. Gamers can benefit from larger screens and faster speeds on some apps.

The latest smartphones have been striving to match tablets in popular features like size, battery life, and processing power. Still, though, top ranking tablets like the iPad Pro stands closer to laptops than smartphones. Therefore, it’s worthwhile considering whether you are better off with a tablet or a smartphone for your gaming needs.

Check the Processor Power

Not everyone checks the processor power of a smartphone when purchasing. Most people are more concerned with things like display quality and the MP number associated with the camera. Gamers should pay particular attention to the processing power of the smartphone. Just like with computers, high performing processors render games in great detail and prevents some types of lag.

Now, smartphone processors are different from those found in computers. The biggest phone processor brand out there is Qualcomm Snapdragon. If you want one of the best smartphone tablet chips around, you can look into the latest released by Qualcomm Snapdragon. For example, the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset has been getting rave reviews for its power.

Smartphone processors also have “cores” like computers. The advantage of cores is higher efficiency leading to better performance. If you want a good performing processor, buy a chipset with multiple cores.

Consider RAM Memory Capacity

In smartphones, the number in front of the acronym RAM determines memory capacity. The RAM decides on how fast your smartphone is capable of running an app. The higher the RAM, the speedier the data transfer will be that enables smooth operation.

Most smartphones can work well on just about 1 GB of RAM. However, for gaming, you would need at least 2 GB of RAM. The higher, the better. The speed of RAM is also determined by the megahertz power of RAM. Regular buyers don’t necessarily need to worry about megahertz. If the RAM is above 2 GB, a typical smartphone memory is considered high end. It’s even better if the high number of RAM is combined with a higher number of megahertz.

Invest in Internal Storage

Combined with RAM, internal storage decides how fast a smartphone is. It also determines the number of apps you can store in a single device, and how easily those apps can run. For gamers, the higher the internal storage capacity, the better. Aim to buy a smartphone with 64 GB of internal storage. It’s not likely that you would find a smartphone with higher internal capacity than this as of right now.

Storage for smartphones, of course, is expandable via SD card slots. You can always store your apps on an SD disk. Therefore, you can consider internal storage less important than processing power and memory capacity. But don’t completely ignore it either.

Choose the Display Size You Want

As discussed earlier, gamers may prefer a larger display. It enables a better gaming experience. Note that you don’t need a large display screen for mobile gaming. Most are in-app forms designed for smaller screens of smartphones. If you would like a more immersive experience, however, aim for a larger screen size above 6 inches.

A bigger display may look gorgeous, but there are some cons to consider here. A large smartphone is less portable. Large screens also consume more energy. Above all, a smartphone with a large screen would cost you a lot more. Weigh in the benefits of a big display with these cons when you purchase your gaming smartphone.

Don’t Forget Battery Capacity

Gaming would consumer a lot of processing power, and thus battery life, from your smartphone. Therefore, a solid battery capacity is a must for a gaming smartphone. The standard smartphone comes with at least 3,000 mAH of battery power. For a gaming smartphone, look for a higher battery capacity. A 4,000 mAH battery is a solid winner for a gaming smartphone.

More battery capacity means you will be able to play games on the go without completely draining the smartphone. One downside of larger batteries is that they generate a lot of heat. As a result, you may have to consider safety issues as well, especially following the recent Samsung Galaxy disaster.

A Good Cooling System is a Must

Gaming smartphones can heat up quickly thanks to higher processing power. Therefore, having a good cooling system is crucial for your safety as well as the durability of the gadget. It can be hard to determine the cooling system in a phone. Some have liquid cooling. You can check the specs separately to determine if the cooling system is well-designed on its own.

When buying a gaming smartphone, prioritize processing power and RAM. Pay attention to battery capacity and internal storage as well. A large screen size can make the gameplay sessions more comfortable too.

Keep the above features in mind as the most essential when buying smartphones. Depending on your individual needs, look for other features as well. But keep in mind that the above makes up the backbone of any gaming smartphone.

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