How to boost your e-commerce business through Facebook ads

The importance of social media sites has been influential to the popularity and growth of e-commerce business in recent time. Within a short time, Facebook has been the preferred option for online marketers and brands. Initially, the major aim of Facebook was to unite individuals and friends all over the world.

Its population of more than 2 billion individuals has however evolved it to the biggest media platform globally. This makes it a forum that can unite brands with more than 2 billion potential clients. As a matter of fact, Facebook was responsible for about 18% of web traffic this year. They finished second only to Google on the list of high traffic drivers.

How to boost your e-commerce business through Facebook ads

The best means of using Facebook for Marketing is through advertising. This is a massive strategy for e-Commerce business. Advertising on Facebook helps to boost exposure as well as loyalty. The best part of Facebook ads is that it can be used for any stage of your sales funnel. Facebook ads can also help you to have greater engagement and sales by paying a very small fee. Itemized below are some strategies that can be used to boost your e-commerce business through Facebook ads.

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    Use Video Adverts

Facebook’s algorithm ensures that video contents are more prioritized than worded content. This implies that video content is more likely to find its way to people. Apart from that, video are more engaging than written content. According to statistics, more than 50% of Facebook users watch videos daily. Your potential customers are more likely to stop and watch videos than read through the content. You can also use videos to create a slide show of your content.

  • Boost an existing popular post

Most people are sceptical about sponsored posts because they aren’t too sure about how it will perform. There aren’t sure if their money will be wasted. This is why it is best to boost an already existing post. Select a post that has performed exceptionally well in the past. You can then eventually boost it to reach more and more people. You can either promote it to people who like your page or new individuals entirely.

  • Strengthen your brand identity

Strengthening and improving your brand identity is another means of advertising without really selling your product. Facebook Ads work best when they are viral, inspiring and visual in nature. You can create attractive signs that would improve brand identity on this site. By building your brand identity, you tend to strengthen brand loyalty and build your customer base.

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