How Much Should I Pay Someone to Do my Essay?


Writing an essay can become challenging for students, especially if they haven’t experienced such tasks. Luckily, there are teams of writers who eagerly help to cope with this challenging task. Some people think that it is not worth paying guys from DoMyEssay as everyone can write essays independently. Let’s look at the algorithm of writing a paper of the highest quality.

It is convenient to divide the writing process into three phases:

  1. Preparation for writing, gathering information.
  2. Writing a draft.
  3. Correction.

Many students skip the first phase and immediately start writing an essay. This popular route cannot be considered adequate. Imagine: you open a blank Word document and start writing an introduction to a report. You wrote the first phrase, began to formulate the second. And then you realize that you need to insert some statistics. You can do it online by using a search engine and try to find it, but you only see a resume and imprint. Then you try to find it in the databases; after a while, you manage to download a pdf file with the complete text, but now you need to find the necessary statistics in the essay’s body. This whole process will take you, on average, 20-30 minutes. That’s how much time you actually spend writing two phrases.

The second step is writing a draft. Students consider it the most challenging stage in writing a scientific essay, which they spend most of their time on. If it takes a lot of time and effort to write a draft, it means that you have chosen an ineffective approach.

Instead of quickly describing your thoughts as they come to mind, you are trying to combine the writing of the draft and the next step – proofreading. That is, you begin to edit each sentence as you write, trying to bring it to perfection immediately. You start to pay attention to detail, but you lose sight of the big picture of your work.

It is better to first write down all your thoughts in a draft in simple phrases, as they are. And then correct the already prepared text and bring it in line with the requirements for writing a scientific essay.

Experienced authors recommend learning how to manage your time in the writing process as follows:

  • Preparation for writing – 70%
  • Drafting – 10%
  • Adjustment – 20%

Choosing a Topic for your Essay

To write with enthusiasm, you need to choose a question that will interest you as an author. Simultaneously, the essay should contain scientific novelty and be within the framework of a topic popular for modern science. You can assess the relevance using specialized search engines.

Google Scholar is a service for searching publications in all branches of science. You can also see journals included in unique lists.

After choosing a topic, be sure to show it to your supervisor; he will tell you what to correct. Pay special attention to the volume restrictions, and if your essay is larger, it may not be missed. The final version of the essay’s text must be carefully checked for punctuation, spelling, grammatical and stylistic errors since the publication is intended for a wide range of readers. After the publication of the essay, write down its full bibliographic description in your notebook (or create a separate file for this on your computer). If you are unsure about this part, you can always turn to the help of writing experts.

The Process of Writing an Essay

Preparing for writing an essay, one should begin with collecting information. However, before proceeding with it, you must clearly define your position concerning the given topic. Agree with it or deny it, what arguments you have for or against.

In the end, it is important to clearly express your position on the thesis presented in the introduction. There must be at least three facts on both sides. Where to look for such arguments in your developments and research (in what you know on the topic), in the literature (here it is essential to check the author, the title, perhaps the reliability), in scientific research (check the source).

When the list is ready, evaluate the quality of the information collected. You don’t have to use all the arguments; choose the ones you think have the most impact. Arrange them in order from the most significant to the weakest and place them in the essay’s text. The final stage of preparation is an essay outline with a detailed list of the order in which arguments and quotations are used. Also, check out the stylistic tricks you can use in the introduction and conclusion to make your essay interesting and easy to read.

Doing the Editing and Proofreading

Before submitting (publishing) the text, read it carefully. When rereading your work for the first time, you first need to check the consistency and clarity of the presentation. It is important that it is clear from the text whether the author agrees with the thesis or not.

When reading a second time, check spelling, linguistic, stylistic, and grammatical correctness. During this review, pay particular attention to the use and presentation of citations, sources, and authors. Reread your work a third time in order to rethink it again. Think about any critical argument you had while working on your essay? Such reflections on the finished text are often more profound and exciting because they are supported by the work done on this topic.

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