Step by Step Guide to Improve Your Google Rankings

Seo TIps - Step By Step Guide

Having a high rank at Google possess many benefits such as having your content being viewed by a large number of people. Having a poor rank might be the reason as to why your website is not receiving as much attention from browsers as you would like to. You might want to consider the following five steps to improve your Google ranking.


Use Relevant Content while publishing On Your Website

Quality is the number one check for personnel viewing your website. Search engines will rank your website in accordance with the level of quality of your content. Quality content that targets your user helps to increase traffic to your site, which subsequently improves the site’s relevance. If you don’t have proper site structure, your website might be losing SEO rankings due to algorithm penalty.

So, you will need to create a keyword phrase that can help your users to access your website fast. This is by thinking like your users. Come up with suggestive words that your users might use to search for the information on your website. You can use italics, bold tags and headings to highlight the keyword phrases. However, caution should be taken not to overdo it. The best pages should be dedicated to the user, not the search engine.

Have a Regular Schedule for Updating Your Content

Search engines like regularly update content. They are able to rank your site as relevant. You should, therefore, keep the content in the site up to date to ensure that your users get the current information. You should keep in mind that the world is always changing and that people look up at various sites to find new information.

Attach Relevant Links to Your Site

Focus on formulating relevant links to be used in conjunction with your site. Links such as “click here” have little value on the search engine rank. Consider using renowned sites to obtain links that can improve the search engine rankings.

Ensure that Your Website is Accessible By Phone

Through recent times, the use of mobile phones to access internet information has grown to over 60%. This number is set to increase as more people find it more convenient to use mobile phones than desktops. With this consideration, make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

You can use the google mobile-friendly test to determine whether your site is compatible with mobile phones. Having a mobile-friendly site increases the number of viewers that can access the site and subsequently increase the google ranking.

Evaluate Your Present With Search Ranking

Just like any other development, improvement often starts with knowing your current position. This applies even to new sites. Luckily, there are various online tools that can help you gauge your current rank. This tools can help you to determine your site speed, keyword rank, and site’s health. From the results, you get to know which areas you need to improve in order to increase your rank.

It should be noted that age is also a crucial factor in determining your sites rank. New sites will mostly have lower rankings as compared to older ones. You will have to exercise patience as your site ages. Subsequently, your search engine ranking ought to increase with time.

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