Ways to Get Facebook Traffic Without Spending Money On Ads

In life, most people always dream of being the best in everything they do. There are different ways of measuring success. For some, especially the celebrities, they measure fame by the number of followers in their accounts. Getting Facebook traffic may not be hectic to some people, mostly the famous type. However, an ordinary citizen may have to tire to get a handful of traffic. Initially, people used to buy Facebook traffic; this is no longer a trend in current times.

The blooming business was common especially the business people who believed in shortcuts. Facebook owners with a large number of traffics extorted innocent people. Other business people lost money as sham sellers were on the rise. However, one does not have to spend an extra dime to increase Facebook traffic. Today, we are all witnesses that even the most humble individuals own a large number of followers. It is very simple! One ought to master the following strategies.


Write high content posts

When the word content clicks the mind, one may think that they are required to write a lot of pages or phrases that require the use of a dictionary or an interpreter. Ambiguity should never be used in Facebook posts. For most people, they use social media as a way of relaxing their minds. The little extra time they get, they may decide to use it for this purpose. The question is; who would enjoy spending their extra time on content that doesn’t help? Content that doesn’t make sense in the long run?

There are general questions that one ought to engage with their minds before typing or posting anything. The main question is whether the audience has a likelihood of engaging with your content. Always remain relevant throughout your post to avoid losing the audience.

Create a Facebook like popup

People have a tendency of moving their thumbs against content without liking pages or posts. Though the posts may be enticing and knowledgeable, scrolling past them is as easy as a blink of an eye. However, one should not let such opportunities to slip away. The best way to reduce these chances is asking people to like your page.

A common example is the pop up that appears on a post ‘like us on Facebook’. The other way is highlighting your page. People enjoy colorful pages. Adding color to a page can be described as a landing mat well spread to welcome customers to the content inside. Requesting your email subscribers to like your Facebook page could also increase traffic.

Turn the number of likers into fans

We have all found ourselves liking a particular post simply because it was relevant yet we don’t follow that page. Surprisingly, likers are seemingly more than followers. This is because clicking the like button seems easier that liking the page in general. There is a simple way of turning these likers into something more.

Provided an individual has shown interest in your post, liking the page will not be a big deal to them. All that one is required to do is requesting them to like the page. The best way is viewing all the likely that appear in the likes sections. Besides their names, there are the ‘invite’ links on anyone who hasn’t liked your page. It is as simple as clicking on the invite button. In addition to this, one may request anyone their fans to share the post on their walls to increase the traffic. One is required to create the code share Facebook button to ease with the sharing. Having these extra guts will increase traffic to your page in one way or another.

Partner with other businesses’ pages to promote

Outside the Facebook life, we have seen businesses flourish just because they partnered with their competitors. This technique should be applied to Facebook too. The possibility of getting the partnership with other pages while still with a handful of fans is very low. This is because we are all looking for partners whom we are at par, or more so people who challenge us to be the better versions of ourselves.

For starters, the partnership may not be easy. You can start by copying some of the styles used by competitors who don’t have to be selling the same products or services but who happen to have the same audience as you have. Once you are on the same level as your competitors, you can decide to request a partnership to promote each other’s products. Don’t look at the smaller picture of adding more fans to your competitor; look at the bigger picture of getting long-term mutual benefits from the partnership.

Add links to your page

This is a strategy that gets ignored by very many people. Individuals have not yet discovered the benefit of using these links. The links can be found in the ‘about’ tab. In this section, one can add websites to other fields such as personal information and biography that one may not have a chance displaying on the biofield. In these links, one can write more information about them or their own businesses.

Add contacts to your page

There are many ways of getting to your audience. In most instances, you don’t have to wait until a customer DMs you. The easiest way of expanding your territory is providing a contact form on one’s page. Contacts give one a chance of having a one-one discussion with the business thus increasing trust.

Post photos

As previously mentioned, Facebookers use their leisure time on the media for entertainment purposes. To make your Facebook more interesting, make sure that you increase on the visuals more than the text. Photos entice more than half of the viewers thus the more need to pass information via photos.


Truth is, it may be very difficult to get results on Facebook due to lack of followers. For this reason, businesses invest in buying already established accounts to avoid the struggles. Without the money, one may not get a chance to buy these accounts. The good news is, one can still get more fans by using the above tips without spending an extra coin. Persistent and determination is the key to succeeding in this business.

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