GB Instagram Apk Download v1.40 for Android *GbInsta*

GB Instagram Apk is the modded version of Instagram which has many unique features as compared to original Instagram. As we all know that Instagram is the largest social media platform for sharing Images, Videos & Stories. In the past few months Instagram has gained a lot of popularity and today it’s very popular among youngsters.

But there is the main issue with Instagram is that you can’t download Instagram Images or Videos on your mobile phone. You can just watch Videos & Images on the Instagram application itself. However, there are some third party applications available which help you in downloading Instagram Images & Videos.

But downloading & using third party application along with the Original Instagram application is a quite difficult process and it consumes a lot of time. That’s why here we have got a great modded application of Instagram which is GbInstagram which let you download Instagram Images & Videos directly from the application without the need of any external or third-party app.

Gb Instagram
Gb Instagram


What is Gb Instagram?

If you have never heard of GbInstagram application and you have landed+ here on this page for the first time them let me tell you that GbInstagram is a modded application of Instagram and it has some cool features which are not available in the official Instagram application.

The great thing about the Gb Instagram application is that you can download everything from the Instagram whether it be a video, image or even a story. You can download all stuff on Instagram on your mobile phone’s gallery. You can even copy the Captions & Bio of other users with the help of GbInstagram application.

However, if you are looking for an external application to save stories of Instagram then you can refer to this article from here. Not even Instagram there is a modded application available for Whatsapp which is GbWhatsapp and it has also many unique features which are not available in the official Whatsapp application.


There is an issue with the Gb Instagram application that you can’t view the Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size, however, you can see the DP in full size but the quality of that DP wouldn’t be that much good. That’s why here we have written another article that How to Download Instagram Profile Pictures in Full Size.

I’ve been using the GbInstagram application for 2 months and I would like to say that it is far better than the official Instagram application. It has many features which are not even yet released for the official Instagram application. There are customized themes also available in the Gb Instagram application.

If you use some third party application for downloading Images & videos from the Instagram application then it requires the root access but there is no need for the rooted device if you use the GbInstagram Apk. There are some other Mods also available of the Instagram such as OGInstagram. But none of these mods are comparable with the GbInstagram.

GBInstagram is developed by the same developer who developed the GbWhatsapp. Sometimes while logging in to the Instagram application you may face an error saying that Sorry, there was a problem with your request. If you are facing the same problem then you can read this article to get rid of this error from here.

Issues with Instagram

There are some problems with the official Instagram application and one of the biggest issues is that we can’t download the Images or Videos from the Instagram application. Even if we take the screenshot of the photo then the user gets notified regarding that.

So to get rid of these problems of the official Instagram application here we have shared the modded version of Instagram which will help you in downloading all the stuff from Instagram.

Requirements for Gb Instagram

There are no such high requirements to install the GbInstagram neither you need a rooted device for using Gb Instagram on your mobile phone.

  • Android Version 4.0+
  • GbInstagram Apk file.
  • Working Internet Connection.
  • 200 MB Free Space on Internal Storage.

Download Gb Instagram Latest Version

Downloading GBInstagram is a quite easy process you just need to download the Apk package file of it and then Install it on your mobile phone manually. As this application is a modded version of Instagram which violates the Google Play Store policies and it is not available in the Play Store. You will have to download and install it manually on your mobile phone.

gb instagram download

Below we have shared the direct download link of GBInstagram. You just need to click on the download button and the download will begin shortly. The installation process of GbInsta is shared below.

Download GbInsta

Features of GbInsta

GbInstagram has many cool features and of the best among them is the downloading Videos & Images. But there is another great feature available in the GbInsta is that you can run two Instagram accounts simultaneously on your mobile. More features of the GbInstagram are as mentioned below.

  • The very first feature of GbInsta is that you can download Images on your mobile phone.
  • Instagram Videos can be saved on your mobile phone.
  • You can download Instagram Story of any user.
  • You can run two Instagram accounts at the same time with Gb Insta.
  • It has customized themes available.
  • It is free of cost and you don’t need to pay even a single penny.
  • There are no ads in this application.
  • You can watch Instagram Profile Picture of any user in Full Size.
  • You can copy Bio of any user with this.
  • You can copy the caption of any post.
  • You can copy the comments also with this application.
  • Easy User Interface.
  • Your Instagram will not be banned for using Gb Insta.
  • Share the URL of any post with your friends.
  • There is no need of the rooted device for using Gb Instagram.
  • It has various themes also available.
  • Many more cool features available…..

GB Insta App Information

Application Name GB Instagram
Last Updated April 13, 2018
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 100000+
App Size 40.1 MB
Developer Atnfas Hoak
Main Task Download Instagram Pictures, Videos and Stories.

How to Install GB Instagram on your Mobile

After downloading the Gb Insta apk package file the next process is that how to install it on mobile. Follow the below-given guide for the installation process.

  • When you open the downloaded apk package file then you will face an error saying that Installations are blocked.
  • To enable the installations to go to Settings on your mobile and then move to Applications section.

settings android

  • Now enable the installations from Unknown Sources from there.

enable unknown sources

  • Now open the Gb Insta package file again.

gbinsta install

  • Click on the Install button and let the installation process get completed.

gbinstagram installed

  • Once the installation is completed you are ready to use Gb Instagram on your mobile phone.

gb insta

  • Open the Gb Instagram application enter your Login credentials and you are ready to use GbInsta.

How to Download Images from Instagram

Here comes the main process of GbInstagram. Some people find it confusing that how to download images with GbInstagram application. So let me tell you that downloading the images is quite easy. Here below I’ve shared the guide along with the screenshots.

  • At first, open the GbInstagram application on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to your Instagram account.

gb instagram login

  • Now find the image which you want to download on your mobile phone.

gbinstagram image download

  • After that click on the Three Dots at the top right corner of the image.
  • There will be an option to Download Image.

gb insta photo

  • Click on that and the image will successfully be downloaded on your mobile phone.
  • This way you can download as much as images you want to.

How to Download Videos of Instagram

The procedure of downloading videos is also same as the Images. Still, if you don’t know how to download videos from GbInsta app then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open GBInsta application on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Now search for the video which you want to download.
  • On the video, page click on the Three Dots at the top right corner.

gbinstagram video download

  • There you will find an option for Download.

gb insta video

  • Click on that button.
  • That’s it, Now video will be saved on your device.

How to Download Instagram Stories

If you want to download or save the Instagram story of your friend then it can also be done with the GbInstagram application.

  • Open Gb Instagram application.
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Now find the story which you want to download.

instagram story download

  • Now there will be three dots at the bottom right corner in front of the message box.
  • Click on these three dots.
  • After that click on the Download button.

instagram download stories

  • That’s it, Now you can download Instagram stories also on your mobile phone.


There is another mod application also available which is Gb Instagram Plus but there is a drawback of this mod version that you can’t install GBInsta+ and the original Instagram application at the same time, either you have to keep the original Instagram application or GbInstagram+ application.

There is no such difference between GbInstagram Plus and the GbInstagram. The only difference between both of these is the package name. GbInstagram+ has the same package name as of the official Instagram and the GbInstagram has the different package name. You can use GbInsta Plus and GbInsta both at the same time.

Download GB Instagram+ (Plus)

Here we have shared the direct download link for the GbInstagram Plus application. Before installing the GbInsta Plus make sure that you have uninstalled the official Instagram application from your mobile phone. There is no need of the rooted device for using GbInstagram Plus application on your mobile phone. click on the Download button below to start downloading GbInsta+ on your mobile phone.

Download GBInstagram Plus

Final Words:

If you want to use Two Instagram applications at the same time on your mobile phone or want to download the Instagram images & videos on your mobile phone then GbInstagram is the perfect application for you. I personally use GbInstagram for downloading the Instagram stuff and still I’ve not faced any issue with it. You should give it a try once.

If you are having any trouble while using the GbInsta application or having any query related to this then please feel free to ask it in the comments section below. We will be happy to help you. Also, if you loved the GbInstagram application then please do not forget to spread the words among your friends.

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