The Future of Videos on Facebook

future of videos on facebook

The video is playing an undeniably imperative role in connecting people. The shift of video is as big as if not bigger than the shift from desktop to mobile. Today, video counts for 50% of mobile data traffic and in the next 5 years it is expected to be 75% of mobile data traffic. People naturally connect with one another through video. When technology keeps improving, people expect to provide richer video experiences.

If you look at past every time a new communication has emerged, entirely new formats and best practices has emerged as well. You go to the printing press; it really led to emerged first books and novels, radios brought us radio players, films saw the down of silent movies and epic blockbusters and TV brought us news, sitcoms and reality shows. Online video has really led to new formats like unboxing videos and daily blogs and as now as we think about today we think that something is entirely and on the horizon.


Facebook Video over the Past Year

The evolution of videos on Facebook has been amazing and video on Facebook has exploded. Facebook Live has been a big focus over past years. It gives people voice and moments that matters and it enables real time authentic interaction between the broadcasters and their viewers. One in every five videos is a live broadcast and over the past years daily watch time for Facebook live video broadcast has grown more than four times.

Content Guidelines

Some major changes have been implemented by Facebook to review their contents. This is because of some iffy contents. They are going to put some safeguards on these iffy contents. Facebook is targeting misleading live video content. Governments around the world are reacting to Facebook’s influence regarding misleading contents. More steps will be taken to protect the consumers from fraud.

Now, Facebook requires publishers to self-identify branded contents with a paid tag.

Updated Storytelling

The modern storytelling of Facebook is different from the traditional one. It has been observed that the purchase intent or Call to Action came in initial 3-10 seconds. So, starting with the climax is the key mantra to make your ad memorable.

The video will Continue to Grow as an Advertisement Unit

On the off chances that Facebook’s interest in promotion items are any point of the business’s future, it feels like Mark Zukerberg’s wagered on video is right on money. One flag is achievement, a portion of Facebook’s freshest promotion groups are as of now observing. Around 70 per cent of in-stream promotions are seen to finish and Instagram stories are the quickest developing advertisement design on the stage.

Facebook should buckle down not to adversely affect their client encounter, but rather a nearby eye on new advertisement arrangements should help affirm or prevent the future from securing video utilization on Facebook.

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Advertising is as essential to Facebook as it’s at any point been 98 per cent of the tech goliath’s first quarter income originated from its advertising stage, up from 84 per cent in 2012- particularly when you think about the rate of video appropriation. Mark Zukerberg has over and again shared his conviction that video will soon account for majority of content consumed by Facebook.

The reach of video will be more and new features will be put in to connect people more friendly. In coming future Facebook videos will be preferred more than YouTube as Facebook videos comes with many more new and unique features. In total, the future of videos will be bright and fruitful on Facebook.

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