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    • ok so my friend tried to log into my page with the add account option and it was like “ sorry there was a problem with your request “ so then i tried deleting the app and downloading it again and now it won’t let me log into my page from my device .. it let my brother log in tho just now . everytime i try i get that sorry notification . i don’t know what to do .. any help ?

      • Hi there,

        I’m also getting the same error shows “sorry your request is dismissed”. I tried parallel space option but it didn’t work. Any suggestions please ?????

    • So i cannot access my instagram account and ive tried all the methods and parallel spaces doesn’t work and i am unable to link a facebook account as i cannot access the account via computer or mobile. what should i do? I can see my account isnt hacked/ blocked as my work instagram can view the profile .

  1. Hello,
    I have a problem with the access to the instagram but on every device. First it was “sorry there was a problem “message, after that they asked me to confirm its my account by entering a code which they sent on a phone number I dont have access to, and now I cant log in anymore. Its sending me again sorry message. What can I do?

    • If you had used email address on your Instagram account then you can recover your account via that email address or write to instagram help centre manually.

  2. So my question is, I’ve been facing the whole “sorry there was a problem with your request” thing for months now. I can log into my main account which is through Facebook, but can’t log in to my second account. If I factory reset is it a guaranteed way to work? I don’t want to reset and it won’t work.

  3. Hey so my problem is I get the sorry there was a problem with your request message
    But I can log in on the web and on my friends phone. How can I get it back to where I can log in on my phone through the app. Even my email or phone reset links don’t work. I just continue getting the “Sorry the was a problem with your request” using the app but on web or another phone no problem logging in.

  4. It keeps saying “sorry, there was a problem with your request. ” I waited a little while and tried again. it said there was a suspicious log in attempt, and made me send a email with a pin on it. then I put the pin in and it says “Thank you, please log in now.” when I try to log in it just doesnt log me in. It shows the loading but it does enter the app. How can I fix this?

  5. I am unable to view any of the activity that my followers give to my photos – their likes and comments on my photos do not appear in my notifications. I am also unable to update my personal picture or bio. Any suggestions?

  6. when i am trying to login in Instagram apps showing error sorry ,there was a problem with your request.
    but i can login from browser chrome and safari.
    what will i do help me ..

      • hello, my problem is that, two days ago instagram put me a message “sorry you will be disconnected from your account, you or someone may be changing the password” and after I believed was a hacker so I changed my password … but after changing it, I could not log in anymore, every time I got the message “sorry there was a problem with your request »Would appear! and even when I was trying to connect with my other account! I can not connect to any account anymore !! but oddly, on the browser, it works without any problem! and so i tried to disable my account with which i had the problem but instagram told me “you can only disable your account once a week” … but i never turn off any of my accounts. and I can not register via the application, otherwise instagram says “you have been disabled for violating community rules” or something like that … help me please. I would like to try Parallel Space but I’m afraid I will never be able to access my Instagram account via the app on my current phone that I just bought … (on a friend’s phone, the connection walk without problem !!)

        • As Instagram has banned your device’s IP address so you will not be able to log in that account to your mobile via the application. the only resolution now to use that account on application that you factory reset your mobile phone or use via parallel space applicaton or another resolution is that you can root your device and then change the values on instagram application.

  7. i was logged into my instagram then logged out the when i tried to log back in it said sorry there was a problem with your request. and a email wasn’t linked with it so i do not know what to do

  8. Okay I got logged out of Instagram and I tried going back in but it said “ sorry their was a problem with your request “ . Anyways I have my number on my acc but when it sent me the login info it woulndnt work it would make me login , ect. What do i doo??😩

  9. Ive the same problem but I can’t login via browser also. I know my account isn’t permanently deleted by Instagram cz my friends can see it still. What do I do now?? Will the above mentioned methods help?

      • i have the same issue. when i tried to log in through the web browser it said that there exists no account with this username, but my friends are still able to see my accounts on the main app. what do i do?

  10. I’m on iPhone and I got the same thing so I tried to do the erase and reinstall but it still never work then I reset my phone and it still never work what do i do now?

  11. When i’m on 4G I can log in to my account,but when I’m on Wi-fi a can’t.Wrote ”’Sorry.there was a problem with your request.Sometimes I can log in via browser on laptop,somtimes No.I Deactivate my account temporrary for 2-3 hours then i activate.Everything v’been ok,but no for long.After half hour again Same massage.I don’t know what to do ???

  12. Just sharing..this happen to my yesterday. I got same error “sorry..there was a problem with your request etc”

    I can’t even login using my husband mobile (same error) could be because my husband n me both connection to home wifi on the same network

    Disconnect my mobile from home wifi and connect to my mobile network. Then login again and it worked!


  13. Hey I need help. I have code i need to enter and whenever i enter it (via phone or email) it puts me back to the login area and it’s just a cycle that keeps repeating itself

  14. Hello,

    Since yesterday I got logged out of both my accounts. One personal account and one with over 40k followers. Now whenever I try to login it keeps saying “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.”
    I’ve also tried to login via my browser but that doesn’t work either. On my laptop and my brothers phone it also says the same message when I try to log in.
    What happenend and how can I get them back?
    Please reply, I have had my 40k account for over 4 years and it’s really gonna break my heart if I can’t get it back..

    • If you had facebook account connected with your instagram account then remove that fb account and connect a new fb account after that try logging in with facebook on instagram application.

      • I have the same problem but I don’t have a Facebook account or a phone number linked to my Instagram. I’m still logged out of Instagram and I don’t want to reset my device, is there another way I can fix it?

  15. So like the problem “sorry there is a problem with your request “ happened yesterday when I logged out and tried to log back in. I tried looking everything up and it won’t work😪. I can only sign in on other people phone and on browser . So what do I do ? Can you please help

  16. Hey, my problem with log-in issue was solved. Thankyou very much, master. But unfortunately, i have more question, do you know how to fix hash tags issue too? My hashtags aint working, it says “no post yet” all the time. Please let me know..

  17. So like on Tuesday night I logged out my Instagram and then I tried to log back in it said “ sorry there is a problem with your request”😪. I can only log in on other devices and the browser . I looked all over the internet to try to fix it . How can I fix this and I am on an iPhone 7 Plus ! Please help

  18. Hello. I tried going to my second account and it said “you have been logged out of *username*. The account owner may have changed the password”. Whenever I try to log in it says “sorry, there was a problem with your request” even if I type in the wrong password. I know I confirmed this account with my email but when I try to reset my password with the email it says “sorry, this email is not associated to any account”. I don’t think I was hacked, because when I try searching for the account it says “user not found”. How can I get it back?

    • had you linked your Facebook account or mobile number with that account? If yes then you can recover your account else there is no chance.

  19. I was logged out of my account and when I tried logging in I got the message “sorry there was a problem with your request”. I can’t change my password because it says that the email is not connected to any account. When I try to tag the account I’m unable to log in it says “user not found”.

  20. Whenever I try to log in on browser I get this: “The username you entered doesn’t belong to an account. Please check your username and try again.”

  21. I have the same problem i need to log in but it keep saying “ sorry there was a problem with your request “ i tried reading all of these comments and all the methods except resetting .. im doing this from an ipod 6th generation ! i really don’t wanna reset my device because i don’t wanna lose everything .

  22. Man thqnk you so much the 1st method worked so well for me the fake Facebook one although I have a doubt though that can I use the same Facebook ID for linking my insta ID to which it was linked earlier ? Or else I will have to face the same issues again?
    Please do e mail me the reply

  23. I have the same issue where it saying theres a problem with your request, i tried the facebook method and it doesnt work. Im on apple so i cant download the app you have from google play. What should i do😭

  24. I am on iphone so i cant download the app shown in method 1. I have tried the facebook way and it still doesnt work. My instagram has shown the error message “cannot process your request” for many months now what can i do😭😭

  25. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH! I tried the first method and it worked like a charm! I don’t know why this happened, considering I don’t post anything that needs to be banned or violates the guidlines, but I’m so grateful I found this! I was looking all through youtube and other websites but this was super easy and worked perfectly. Thanks again!

  26. Thank you!! My account has been deleted by instagram, and i got this problems in all the device at home. 1st n 2nd method work on me. Just separate the two device, apple use the 1st method, android use the 2nd method. Thank youu!

  27. Just got a new oneplus 5t phone and installed instagram, forgot my password so I decided to reset it. I did but got the”sorry there was a problem with your request” message. After changing my password 3 times, same thing. Parallel apps did not help, error still happened. Changing to data instead of wifi also did nothing. I cannot log in from facebook, it gives me the same error. .Uninstalled then reinstalled it but its still there… Ugh would factory reset fix this or am i out of luck?

    • If you are able to access your account via web or on other device then the Factory Reset will work for you else you are out luck

  28. Hi,

    I have 3 different accounts and now can log into any, get the “ sorry can’t process your request”. I have tried to log in via desktop and doest with either. Interesting enough I created another account using my cell and was able to log in and see that my other accounts are all still there. If my IP address was banned how could I create a new account via my phone ? How can I accesss my old accounts


  29. Hey
    I am trying to login my account in pc but there is error that the username doesn’t belongs to any account and its not only for my account. I also tried my friend’s account but there is same error.
    Let me know about this soon please .

      • I am having the same problem. I am locked out of all accounts and it keeps saying there is an error. I’m not able to log in from a web browser or even a different device and my Facebook wasn’t connected to any of my accounts. Do you know how to fix that?

  30. I am having IG issue, can’t login into main acct, but can login to other one. Can’t login in via browser or app. I thought I had Facebook linked but when I try to do it that way, it still says ‘problem with request’ …. reset network settings AND then reset factory settings but still nothing?? Helplll

  31. Hey I am getting the service error on my IOS device. And i cannot login via chrome either. When i enter the username and password on chrome , it takes me to suspicious activity detected and there is an option to get a security code via email or phone. After I enter the security code , it takes me back to the login page and the chain continues. Is there a way out?
    I have sent an email to insta help center but on reddit people have said that they don’t reply. Should I give up trying to recover it?

  32. I login into my intagram account i dont know why
    When ever i am trying to do so a error message come saying “” SORRY THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST “” I searched on web they said your divice ip address is banned and said to login with other divices i tried doing so from my mom phone and also thought pc but getting same message

    I even contacted from instagram by submitting a request
    But what i got an email with a code and said me to send me picture of me holding the code written on a paper and my username
    I did what they said but had no response even i tried emailing them again with same email address they emailed me. But no response till now

    YOU are my last hope please help me i have good memories on instagram
    Thank-you for your time and help

    • If you can’t access it even by web browser then your account might be banned permanently. Here only hope for you is by writing to Instagram via email.

  33. the main issue for me i activated two -factor authentication in my banned account so when i tried login they asked me to put code which i received to phone or by mail when i put that code still same issue 🙁 🙁 plz help me

  34. I cannot log into IG on my phone, my daughter’s phone or via the web browser however, I could see via my friend’s IG that my account is still active.

  35. Hi I can’t be able to login from anywhere…same error even I change password.its written thank you log in but I can’t ..please help me…Facebook method also not work

  36. I am locked out of all accounts and it keeps saying there is an error. I’m not able to log in from a web browser or even a different device and my Facebook wasn’t connected to any of my accounts. Do you know how to fix that?

  37. I tried like everything but doesn’t work.
    1. Uninstalled and even did factory reset, still doesn’t work.
    2. I cannot login from web browser either, it says no such username exists even though i can still search and see my insta account is there and even my friends can see it.
    4. my account isn’t linked to facebook, twitter or anything else so I can’t do that.
    5. downloaded parallel space and it worked for an hour two and then again it says ” sorry there was a problem with your request”.
    6. I downloaded vpn, it worked for a short time and when i logged off, it didn’t let me log back in again and the same stupid message came up.
    7. i tried loggin in from my parents and siblings phones, it didnt work.

    • Login to your account via parallel space or browser then Temporary disable your account for 72 hours and then try Loggin In. Hope that works for you.

      • It doesn’t let me log in from my browser/ parallel space, orand any other devices. Did factory reset as well. Doesn’t work any solutions?

    • hi, I had the same problem what you have what I did, I searched everywhere google, youtube, Reddit, tomshardware but after lots of searches I got a video of how to get unbanned and it really it worked for me in few tries, do what it says in video ,you’ll get an email soon and as soon you get the email you’ll get a link in email,click on it youll have a page showing change your password do that youll have your account back it would take some tryies but its woth it.
      here is the link to the video


  38. Hey. I was getting ‘sorry something went wrong’ message whilst logged in and trying to perform something. I tried on the web through iPhone and still was getting message.
    I deleted the app, and then re loaded it , to find my account reset to when I opened it. All
    Pics gone , followers etc.
    However my friends can still see my account. I can even do a follow request to myself by the exact same profile/password! So there are two of me now but I want my old one back? Any ideas? My account was not linked to FB. Thanks

  39. I was going to create an account after i enter my name and email also I choose my password then I went to next step where I choose my username I click next then it give that error:(sorry we couldn’t register you. Please confirm you have an internet connection and try again in a moment) so I tried again, it gave the email used so i try to log in it gives me that message: (your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Lear how you may be able to restore your account) I follow the steps they sent an email with code they asked me to write the code with my full name in paper and hold it in my hand and take picture then send it to them i did it but no answer. I create new email and tried to create account using my pc it give me same results I don’t know what to do

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