Fix Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong/Not Working Error

You might be aware of Hotspot Shield that’s why you are here. If you are facing Something Went Wrong or Not Working Error on Hotspot Shield software then here you are at the right place. In this article, we have described that how can you get rid of Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong Error. While you try to connect the VPN then there are chances that you face this error. There are various reason for this error and there are various solutions also to get rid of this error.


What is Hotspot Shield?

If you are not aware of Hotspot Shield then let me tell you that it’s a VPN (Virtual Private Network) software for Windows which let you surf the Internet anonymously that means you can hide your real identity while using the Internet and you will not be tracked. You can use this VPN to access blocked sites or downloading torrents etc. It can be used for Internet safety and for your privacy.


Why am I facing ‘Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong’ Error?

You might have faced not working or something went wrong error on Hotspot Shield software. There can be various reasons for this error. Here I have mentioned some of the main causes which can be the reason for this error.

  • The very first cause of this error can be that you might have installed two or more VPNs on your system. If you have any other VPN software installed on your PC except the Hotspot Shield then there are chances that you may end up facing this error while connecting.
  • Your PC might be having Firewall which doesn’t let the access traffic to Hotspot Shield. Make sure that your Firewall is allowing HSS for accessing Internet and traffic.
  • Another reason for this error can be your antivirus also. Sometimes Antivirus also doesn’t let HSS access the traffic which causes this error. So make sure that your Antivirus software let Hotspot Shield access the Internet.

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How to Fix Hotspot Shield Not Working/Something Went Wrong Error?

So here comes the main part of this article where I am going to share that how can you get rid of this error easily. Here I have shared various methods to fix the error you can try them one by one. Once it works for you then please do let us know via the comments section below that which method worked for you perfectly.

Method #1: Restart your system

The very first and easiest way to get rid of Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong Error is by restarting your system. It is common but sometimes it fixes the error. Before trying further methods you must once try restarting your PC. If that doesn’t work for you then proceed further with other methods.

Method #2: Reinstall Hotspot Shield

If restarting PC doesn’t work for you and still facing the same error then there is another easy solution for you is that Uninstall the Hotspot Shield or any other VPN from your mobile completely. Once you have Uninstalled it completely then download it again from the official website. Try connecting the VPN after reinstalling. It may help you to get rid of Not Working or Something Went Wrong error.

Method #3: Hotspot Shield Fix Me

Hotspot Shield has an inbuilt application named Fix Me which helps you in getting rid of the errors caused by Hotspot Shield software. Generally whenever the user faces an error Fix Me application starts the application and looks for the perfect solution of the error.

If you are facing the Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong Error while connecting and Fix Me application doesn’t run automatically then you need to run it manually and then it will find the problem and fix issue. To run Fix Me manually you need to close Hotspot Shield completely. On your desktop screen right click on the Hotspot Shield icon.

From there select File Location and the following path will be opened C:\Program Files (x86)\Hotspot Shield\bin.

Now you will have to search for this file hssfixme.exe. Once you have found this file double click on it and run.

After you run this application it will look for the problem and fix it automatically for you. Once the problem is resolved Hotspot Shield will be started automatically and you will no longer face that error.


If you are also a Hotspot Shield VPN user and getting Not Working or Something Went Error then above mentioned methods work quite well to get rid of this error. If you are having any question or any query related to Hotspot Shield applicaiton then please do let us know via the comments section below. We will be happy to help you.

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