FIFA 19 PS4 Review

Every year during the month of September gamers and football fans wonder which game should they choose. On one side we have EA Sports FIFA and on the other, we have Konami PES. For the past few years, there had been a tough competition between the two giants.

FIFA always had a huge number of licensed teams and stadiums whereas PES carried the license for the prestigious UEFA Champions League and the Europa Cup. But this year, there is just one winner and it is the EA Sports FIFA 19.


Platforms and Release Date

The game is coming out on 28th of September and you can get it at a great price by using the ongoing games offers. The latest iteration of EA Sports FIFA will be arriving on the current gen consoles like the PS4 (and PS4 PRO) and the XBOX ONE (and XBOX ONE X) along with the PC. It will be also available on the Nintendo Switch along with the previous gen PS3 and the XBOX 360.

Latest Features

For the first time in its history, FIFA will feature the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League along with the UEFA Super Cup after the organization decided not to renew the license with FIFA’s arch-rival PES. This means the game will be even more immersive with the official teams and one of the biggest competitions in club football each year.

The upgraded gameplay features include” Active Touch System” which gives more control of the footballer to the player, “Timed Finishing” which allows a second press of the shoot button to kick the ball at the exact time. “The 50/50 battles” make the physical battle between the footballers even more engaging and the “Dynamic tactics” allows the player to make changes to strategy and substitute players without the need to pause the game.

The Journey

The journey mode campaign which debuted back in FIFA 17, makes a return with “The Journey: Champions”. This season Hunter has joined Real Madrid and becomes their most important player after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus.

Although Hunter is a fictional player, he still gave his opinion on the move. He said that the move was everything that he ever wanted. He also said that joining a club like Real Madrid is something that every footballer dreams about. He was excited to play in the biggest competition while representing the biggest club.

Career Mode

There have been several changes added to the career mode. The newly added UEFA competitions come with some breath-taking new cutscenes and there are speculations that the players will be able to attend press-conferences and choose options similar to those present in the Journey Mode.

New Leagues and changes

The FIFA 19 will also feature the Chinese Super League for the first time in its history. It will also feature the Serie A which was given a generic name of Calcio A in the previous two titles. The Russian League won’t be included this time around.

There are some new stadiums added to the game as well. The newly opened Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium is present in the game. The game will also feature all the 20 stadiums of the teams participating in the Barclays Premiere League with licensed broadcast and presentation, similar to the previous year. Another addition to the game would be a completely licensed LA LIGA with 16 stadiums and an additional 3 from the second division. The La Liga players had their heads digitally scanned as well to make the in-game players look a lot similar to their real-life counterparts.

More about the Champions League

After getting the license for the most coveted UEFA tournaments, FIFA is doing a lot of things to make it worth. Apart from featuring in the journey, it will be present in the career mode, stand-alone competition and the players will also be able to friendly matches with the UEFA competition theme.

To make the Champions League stand out, the competition will be commented upon exclusively by Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. The game also features an exclusive UEFA Champions League anthem composed by Hans Zimmer.


This year around FIFA is going to be the hottest football game out there. Finally, the game has got the one thing it was lacking and became whole. So, are you excited about the new FIFA 19? If yes get your PS4 copy now and avail the games offers.


This year the Battle-Royale genre is creating all the hype. Games like Call of Duty and EA’s Battlefield V are going to feature this mode. How could FIFA 19 skip this? You might be wondering how could a mode which involves killing others to become the last man standing fit within a sports game.

Well, in the all-new mini-game if you score a goal then a player will be taken of the opponent’s team, randomly. As we know that a football match cannot continue if a team has fewer than 7 players. So, the first person to lose 4 players will lose.

In addition to this, there is a new ‘’party mode” where you can decide the rules. So, if you want there won’t be any offside, no fouls, just chaotic gameplay.

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