E-commerce Facts: Magento, a proven hosting for eCommerce site

E-commerce Facts- Magento, a proven hosting for eCommerce site

There are many eCommerce facts you might don’t know. For instance-Did you know Magento, a popular eCommerce platform dominates 29.1% market share?

With so many eCommerce platforms, Magento stands upfront than its other competitor. Built on an open source technology, it gives complete flexibility to the eCommerce store owners for the shopping cart of their website. It offers full control over the functionality and the complete look of your online store.

With the room of customization and flexibility, it is undoubtedly, the first and the best choice of online merchants around the globe for hosting their websites.


Why Magento is a proven eCommerce Solution?

One of the eCommerce facts about Magento. It was the first eCommerce solution built for the non-technical users in mind. Released in 2008, it was designed for the market of user-friendly and versatile eCommerce platforms for non-technicals.

The newly designed interface of Magento comes with optimum UX in mind. It offers a wide range of quality extensions and themes that help in customizing your site and then integrate it with other apps, The variety of Magento’s add-ons is so amazing that it helps in creating an eCommerce website.

It offers tools that help in maximize your productivity by adding tools for optimizing and adding shipment notifications so consumers can easily locate products. There are also premium themes that can help your site up and optimize it for the mobile users.

The community of Magento is active, helpful and large. It extends from Magento forum to Magento subreddit and to the StackOverflow site. Even if you can’t find what you are seeking on the website, you can submit a question to the community and get the answers.

When it comes to one of the eCommerce facts about Magento, then let me tell you it is highly scalable. Each of its application comes with multiple master databases that enable you to handle a wide assortment of workloads across your checkouts, products and orders.

E-commerce Scalability

Another popular eCommerce facts about Magento is its scalability. It keeps exceeding those standards with each update. It has been seen that in the past two years, the scalability

has been doubled. Look at the graph below:

Why Magento is a Great eCommerce Solution?

Magento is available in three different versions- Magento Community Edition (Free), Magento Go (Paid and hosted on the servers of Magento and Magento Enterprise Edition (Paid). The popular among those is the Community Edition which is a free source and has the most active and largest developer community for eCommerce across the web.

Reasons why Magento is your Ultimate eCommerce Solution

Certainly, there are many eCommerce facts that makes Magento one of its own kinds. Here are some of the major:

  • Made for eCommerce specifically and is a dedicated standalone platform.
  • Easy to integrate as Magento APIs can easily connect with tracking, payment gateways, shipping, analytics etc.
  • It is SEO friendly and offers meta tags and descriptions for categories and products.
  • It is an add-on to the CMS of WordPress.
  • Magento gives you the feasibility of having a wide assortment of websites under a single installation.

It has multiple selling tools and comes with amazing options for cross-selling and upselling products. Apart from this, it also features customer group based pricing, discount coupon and more.

Top brands and companies using Magento

In the eCommerce market, there are almost 60 competitors exist, but still, Magento is on the top list. The reasons are power and flexibility. The topmost brand and companies that rely on this platform are :

Why Magento is Better than any other eCommerce platform

Certainly, Magento is a winner between any other eCommerce platform. Whether it is functionality or features or creating the beautiful stores. Magento has a lot more to offer than any other platform.

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