EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional Review

EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional Review

If you want to move data between two PCs then EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional is definitely going to help you a lot. You may ask me that why to go with software only when we have tons of other options? Well, we know that some of you maybe getting services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc in your mind at the moment but my fellow friend these cloud services is useful for some amount of files only and not when you have to deal with GBs of data.

The aim here is to move major of the things from one device to another. So for that you need trusted and reliable software and according to us EaseUS Todo PCTrans should work for you. Keep reading to know more!

Program Features:

The EaseUS Software is not only a PC transfers software but also instead it revolves few other features too around the main transfer concept. Let’s check them out in brief:


This program makes the work of transferring data between two PCs a lot fast and convenient. If you have bought a new PC and want to transfer the files into it then just install this software on both the PCs. Open it any one PC, and it will automatically find the another one on the network and let you perform the transfer.

2) App Migration

This one is more like a part of a file explorer, but it should do the work for one PC with this program also. If you have got various SSDs or hard drives then you can transfer apps between the disks using the software.

This feature comes in handy when you have to deal with larger apps like Microsoft Office, Software Suites, etc. Not only for regular apps, but also even for gamers, this is a pretty good option as you can transfer games to the larger disk drive and free up your main SSD space to install more new games without deleting the previous ones.

3) Image Transfer

If for some reason you aren’t able to open the two PCs on the same network then you should resort to Image saving. It’s like creating image on the initial PC, saving to an external location and then restoring it on the second PC using the image that we created earlier.

To do so, just open the software and choose the option, “Image Transfer”. Now, choose what all you want to include in the image and finally save to an external location. The last step is to open the software on the second PC and restore the image. The time for creation and restoration would be almost is same.

Pricing :

The software comes with two pricing options. The standard version suits for individuals who want to install the software on two PCs and this option would cost you somewhat $49.95. The second is the Technician option, which is suited for big corporations and companies, and at the time of writing the cost is $399.00.  As it’s made for more than one person, it lets you have the app with multiple clients.

Conclusion :

This software are designed to do large and heavy based tasks and therefore the developers pay special attention to their development. Also, it has to deal with data of the users so they have to be extra careful while developing thus making sure that the aim is completed without any technical issues or concerns.

In short, it’s one of the finest data transferring software that sports an easy to use and stylish UI that one shouldn’t miss at any cost!

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