DRmare Apple Music Converter for Mac

Being an on the go person who listens to a lot of music, it is hard to always get data and browse through to your favorites. Especially an Apple user. No matter how good the service provider might be, you need to have your playlist on your phone, or laptop or PC. But with all the DRM (Digital Rights Management) and the services of Apple Music, you might not find yourself in the best of situations. Is there a way out?

Yes, there is always a way out. A good way out of this would be the Apple Music Converter Mac and if you have to remove DRM from iTunes, nothing can beat the DRM remover for iTunes. It is very user-friendly, and effective way to convert Apple Music files into DRM-free files and save on your computer. The saved files can then be used as the user requires without any repercussions or the use of the internet.


Why use the DRmare Apple Music Converter?

  • It is user-friendly
  • The output files are of impeccable quality
  • There is no lag or latency in the output file
  • Very easy to use
  • One time investment and lifetime support
  • 24hrs helpline
  • 60 Day money back guarantee

How to use the DRmare Apple Music Converter for Mac?

It is simple and efficient software so it should be easy to use, you can go through the user guide and instructions of DRmare Apple Music Converter Mac or you could just follow the steps provided here.

First off, install the DRmare Apple Music Converter for Mac or use the DRM removal tool for iTunes by DRmare. If you don’t already have the software downloaded and installed, you must do it today!

  • Launch the DRmare Apple Music Converter for Mac

Once the installation is done, open the DRmare Apple Music Converter for Mac. It will launch iTunes on its own. Once it is completely launched, your screen should look something like this.


From here you can go on to import all the music, audiobook or any iTunes file that you want to save on your computer. And all of it would be DRM-free.

  • Import the DRM-locked files that you want to download

If you are going to convert DRM protected file then you can add it by simply clicking on the add button on the bottom left corner. For other common files, simply click on the add button next to it.


Once you are done adding the audio files that you want to the DRmare Apple Music Converter for Mac, you can go on to customizing these file according to your liking and preference.

  • Customize the audio file to your liking

You can customize the audio file according to your need. Change bit rate, sample rate, channel and so on. Then you can save the converted file in your preferred file type; be it MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A or M4B.


That’s it, now you are just one step away from having all the audio files that you want right onto your computer or laptop, totally free of DRM and in your preferred file format.

  • Start the conversion process

After you are done setting the conversion process according to your needs, click on the start conversion button to start the conversion. Once done, a green tick will appear beside the files that have been converted already. You are now ready to enjoy the converted file anywhere. The files will be saved on your PC or Laptop for you to use them anywhere and everywhere.

That’s it. In four simple steps, you’ll have all the audio file that you want on your device. And you will be able to use them as you like without having to pay any extra money or having to use the internet for it.

With all of these features and the services provided, it is justified to conclude that the DRmare Apple Music Converter for Mac is one of the best conversion platforms there is on the internet for converting DRM protected files off iTunes or Apple Music for your personal use. The output files are lag free and of really good quality.

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