How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

Removing data completely from iPhone is a real mess. If you are an iPhone user then you might be aware of this that how difficult is it to remove the data completely from the device. However, there are various ways to remove/delete data from the iPhone such as removing unnecessary files one by one but it’s too much time consuming that’s why you need a tool or a perfect way to delete the unnecessary data from the iPhone.

If you look into the Storage Usage of iPhone then you will find that there are some applications which are consuming high usage of data. You might be looking to delete or remove these applications and data but if it is greyed then it can’t be removed from your device. Such applications store unnecessary data such as cookies, logs and lot more in the documents section which consumes more memory of your device.

Here in this article, we are going to share some practical and quick ways on how to delete documents and data on iPhone. If you remove unwanted data from your device then it will free up a good amount of space on your mobile phone.

delete documents and data on iphone

Delete Documents & Data on iPhone

Whenever you install a third party application on your iOS mobile phone then it stores some information or creates some files in your device which consumes memory of your mobile phone and the more you use the application the more it will consume the space of your mobile phone. If you are running out of memory on your device then you most probably be looking for the possible ways to get rid of unwanted files & documents on the device.

But you should keep in mind that all the documents and files are not unnecessary there are some useful files also which are needed to run the application smoothly but files or data such as cache, logs, junks etc are the unwanted files and are not much needed for proper working of the application. You might be thinking that if you remove the application from your mobile phone then it will free up whole space which was consumed by the application but it’s not true some of the applications leave files behind even after the uninstallation.

Below we have shared a quick way to get rid of unwanted data. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps to remove unnecessary files and data from the iPhone.

How to Delete Documents & Data from iPhone?

  • At first open Settings application on your iOS device.
  • Now select Storage & iOS Cloud option.
  • Once you have opened the Storage & iOS Cloud option you have to click on the Delete Data & Documents.
  • Now it will show you storage usage of all the applications installed on your device.
  • Select the application which is consuming higher memory or whose data & documents you wants to delete.
  • After opening the application you have to select Delete Data & Documents.
  • That’s it, Now you will get rid of the unnecessary data of that specific application. Likewise, you can remove the unwanted files of all the applications one by one.


I hope you enjoyed the article and have got an idea about removing the unwanted fiiles from iOS device. If you also run an iOS device an running out of space then you should also follow above shared steps and get rid of unwanted data & files from your system.

If you are having any query related to iOS Unwanted Files/Documents or facing any issue in deleting the data then feel free to ask your query in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you and assist your query ASAP.

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