Crack Chemistry in the Best Way

Crack Chemistry in the Best Way

If you wish to pursue medicine or engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are the fundamental subjects that you need to tackle. Some students feel maths as the best scoring subject, some feel physics is easy and some like chemistry. It is because interest developed on one subject may not be present in another subject. If you are a candidate planning to take up challenging exams like JEE, BITS, AIIMS, COMED-K, VIT entrance exams, then make sure you are completely aware of the concepts and topics from class 11 and class 12.

Chemistry is an interactive subject that demands effort from the teaching faculties as well as students. Chemistry is divided into Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Each part of the chemistry requires equal importance and has to be approached in a systematic way. It is essential to understand fundamental concepts like the classification of s, p, d, and f-block elements.

The practical experiments knowledge also plays an important role to score in the exam. While preparing for subjects like chemistry, make sure you know the process of the chemical reaction, the reactants involved, the catalyst used before appearing for the exam. There are many articles and videos that aid students to know how to prepare for JEE main exam. It is advisable for the students to refer to these videos to have a clear idea about the JEE exams and their level of competence.

Here are some of the tips that you need to know while preparing for IIT JEE chemistry exam.

  1. Remember the formulas and the values of constants: along with formulas to solve the problems also practice the SI units of the constants. Know the rules of application of the formulas.
  2. Keep practicing the subject; it is the best way to revise. Practice will make you achieve perfection and imbibes confidence in you.
  3. Know the structural formulas of various compounds that are covered in the syllabus.
  4. Since JEE is an objective type exam, students might feel overwhelmed with the choices and may choose the incorrect answers.
  5. Refer best chemistry book for IIT JEE since a good book is a good source of knowledge.
  6. Study the NCERT textbooks, and books by various authors along with reference books.
  7. Give more importance to the theoretical understanding of the subject along with practical knowledge.
  8. Solve the past year sample papers and model papers to gain more confidence and to analyze the pattern of the paper.
  9. Finally, do not forget to follow the best online learning application like BYJU’S.

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