Cool Facts You Did Not Know About Solar Flood Lights


Floodlights are focused lights that are used in big venues like sporting events or concerts. They determine the quality of experience you will have at an event. A baseball match is no fun if you can’t properly see where the ball is, a concert is not as enjoyable if you can’t even see the lead singer’s face. Floodlights control what the attendees can see, and how clearly they can see it.

Most events use floodlights that are powered by hydroelectricity or by generators on the venue. It requires a very experienced crew to wire up all the floodlights while making sure the cables don’t become a tripping hazard for the crowd. However, there is a better way; solar-powered floodlights. Keep reading to find out some cool facts you did not know about solar floodlights.

No Wires Needed

Solar flood lights do not need to depend on the power supply grid. This means that you do not need to lay down a net of wires to power them. They are built to be independent and self-sustaining. This is because the solar panels absorb the sunlight and turn it to electricity, which is saved in the battery of the light. At night, the electricity from the battery is used. The time your light can run without the sun, solely on the power stored in the battery is called autonomy. You should calculate the autonomy of the battery and plan accordingly.

You Are The Owner

If you buy solar floodlights for your event, you will be the owner of them, not your electric supply company. You might wonder why that matters, well, its because if you own the lights you can get any fixtures you need from the best solar flood lights manufacturer. Many great fixtures fall out of the standards of most power supply companies. So owning your lights can help you land a lot of customizations and other sweet deals.

No Electricity Bills

Since you use the sun and not the power grid, you do not have to pay any bills. Isn’t that sweet! Your lights will make their own electricity directly from the sun as the solar floodlights are designed to be stand-alone. Even if you need to do some trenching to properly install your lights, do not worry about the costs of that as the lights will pay you back many-fold. You will have electricity for virtually no cost, so the return-on-investment is quite massive here.

Very Little Maintainance

Unlike conventional lights, solar lights require very little maintenance. One thing you will have to be mindful of is changing the batteries when required. You do not have to do any heavy maintenance with power tools, just simple checks like making sure the battery has not corroded. All you have to do is inspect the lights for damage every now and then and also clean them regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Great Visibility

Most solar floodlights use LED fixtures which provide much better visibility than fluorescent lights. The LED fixtures offer bright lights that do not have dark spots. Even more amazing is the fact that the light of the solar floodlights is very close to sunlight on the spectrum. This means it only bothers the eyes as much as the sun, making it not too dull and not too bright. This makes solar lights a great choice for outdoor game venues like baseball stadiums.

Easy To Install

When using solar flood lights you don’t have to worry about staying connected to a power source. There are no long cables or complicated wire connections. Each light is standalone and can easily be installed wherever it is required. This feature comes in very handy at large events like concerts where lights have to be placed far away from each other.

Use Them Anywhere

The best feature of solar floodlights is that they are very versatile. You can use them for events like concerts or football matches. You can also attach them to big billboards to make them visible at night. The floodlights can also be used to bring attention to a building like a supermall if it is having a sale. The possibilities are endless and in each situation, the lights will perform excellently.


Floodlights are crucial to having a successful event and solar floodlights are a big step up from their usual counterpart. Solar floodlights have a great return on investment and free you from the hassle of grid-based power. All you have to do is buy the floodlights you like, decide the fixtures according to your unique requirements and just install them. If you are willing to spend the dime once, solar floodlights will definitely pay you back, they are just that cool!

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