How to Bypass Survey – Top 10 Survey Remover Tools

Are you stuck at Survey while downloading any file? Yes, you might be stuck at the survey while downloading the file on the Internet. There are some websites on the Internet which require completing the survey for downloading the file. But these Surveys are very tough and it’s not possible to complete all the surveys. Tasks given on these surveys are difficult such as downloading applications in mobile and then it keeps going on.

But, here we have got the solution for you. Here in this article. I have mentioned some of the cool tricks to Bypass Survey easily. With the help of these tricks, you can Remove/Bypass Survey of any website. I have also mentioned some Survey Remover Tool which will complete your survey task automatically.

There are some websites also to Bypass the Survey. You just need to enter the URL of the file which you want to download and then the survey will be bypassed automatically and you will be given the direct download link. But such websites do not work for all kind of surveys.

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You will have to try different tricks to Bypass Survey if one doesn’t work for you. In fact, there are some websites which give you fake surveys to complete and they never provide the downloading link of the file. So you will have to be aware of such fake websites which ask to complete the fake survey.

How to Bypass Survey


How to Bypass Survey

There are some websites which will ask you to complete the survey for accessing the download link. And these surveys are not easy to complete, they will waste your time. But, there is some Survey Bypass Tool also available on the Internet to skip these surveys and download the file automatically. If you are looking for the Best Survey Remover Tool then here you are at the right place.

List of Survey Remover Tools

Here, I’ve shared some tools which are helpful in bypassing survey. You just need to enter the URL of the desired file and the Survey Bypass Tool will generate the direct download link for you. Survey Remover Tool is the best & easiest ways to Bypass Survey only if they work. However, there are many alternatives also available, you can use any of them.

  • Survey Bypass

The very first tool to remove survey is SurveyBypass.Com which let you bypass survey of many websites. Just visit SurveyBypass website and then enter the URL of the file which you want to download and then it will start proceeding. Wait few minutes and then the direct download link will be generated. Just follow the generated link and the survey will be removed successfully.

  • Survey Smasher

Another tool to Bypass Survey is SurveySmasher website. This is the easy to use website and you just need to paste the URL and direct download link will be generated. You don’t even need to register on this website. Easy User Interface.

  • Surveys Remover

The next tool to Bypass Survey is SurveysRemover website which also helps you to bypass online surveys. It has the content locking software which helps you to download locked files also. This is the perfect Survey Remover of 2017.

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  • ShareCash Survey Killer

ShareCash Survey Killer is the another tool for bypassing surveys. It is a software for PC which let you Bypass Online Survey. Follow below steps to use ShareCash Survey Killer.

  1. At first Download ShareCash Survey Killer Application.
  2. Open the file and install it successfully.
  3. Now open ShareCash Survey Killer application.
  4. Enter the location of the file which you are going to download.
  5. Now click on the Download button.
  6. That’s it, Now the file will be saved.
  • Survey Masher

This is another good website to bypass surveys. You need to visit SurveyMasher website in the case to bypass the survey. With the help of this website, you can easily bypass the survey of websites like clean files, dollar upload, and many other similar websites. I personally use this website to Remove Surveys. 

  • Disable JavaScript to Bypass Survey

If all above Survey Remover Tools/Websites do not work for you then there is an alternate also available to Bypass the Surveys. You can disable your browser’s JavaScript to remove the survey. Below I’ve shared the guide to disable JavaScript in the browser.

How to Disable JavaScript in Google Chrome Browser
  1. At first open Google Chrome browser on your PC.
  2. Now click on the wrench icon at the top.
  3. Then click on Settings option.
  4. Now click on Show Advanced Settings.
  5. Select Content Settings.
  6. Now click on Do not allow any site to use Javascript.
How to Disable Javascript in Mozilla Firefox
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC.
  2. Click on options.
  3. Select Content settings.
  4. There will be an option for Javascript.
  5. Tick on disable button.

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How to Bypass Survey with Browser Extensions

There are some browser extensions which also helps you in bypassing survey. You just need to install these extensions on your browser and rest work will be done by these extensions. There are many extensions for removing survey, but here we have mentioned some of the cool extensions which work perfectly.

  • XJZ Survey Bypasser Extension

The very first name which comes to removing surveys online is XJZ Survey Bypasser Extension. This extension is available for Google Chrome users. You just need to download and install this extension on your Chrome browser. After installing this extension when you will visit any website which asks for survey then this extension will block the survey page itself. You can download this extension for your browser directly from here.

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  • Survey Killer Add-On for Mozilla Firefox

If you are Mozilla Firefox user then there is an Add-On for you also which helps in removing bypass for free. You can download Redirect Bypasser Add-On for Mozilla from here. This extension is very helpful and it almost bypasses survey of many websites and it will land you directly to the download page.

Final Verdict:

Here I shared the complete detailed guide regarding Bypass Survey Online. In this article, I have shared multiple options to Remove Survey. You can use any of these tools to Bypass Survey. I do not guarantee that these tools will bypass survey of each & every website, but still, you can give them a try.

If you are having any query or any question popping in your mind then you can ask it in the comments section below. I will be happy to hear from you. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also Bypass Online Surveys.

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