Boosting Your Content Marketing With Cost Effective Social Ads

The reality of content marketing is that if you don’t have many connections on social media sites and you only have a low follower count, it doesn’t really matter how good the content is that you have created and posted.

Without links and connections, even spending time doing keyword research won’t make much of a difference if you can’t generate traffic.

Millions of posts are published on a daily basis, so the market is flooded, which just means that you will need to find other ways to drive traffic to your posts that will generally lead to sales. Luckily, cost effective social media ads can help turn this situation around. Social media offers multiple ways to generate more content traffic.


However, keep in mind that using cheap paid social ads to try and increase content traffic isn’t always that easy and a lot of people get it wrong by just sending ads to their existing audience. The ultimate goal is actually to capture new visitors.

Although the options are basically endless with the number of cheap paid social ads on digital marketing channels that you can choose from to help increase your traffic substantially, I am only going to briefly touch on three of them – carousel ads on Facebook, hyper-specific Twitter advertising and sponsored LinkedIn content ads.


Carousel ads on Facebook

Carousels on Facebook can be both cheap as well as effective. The carousels allow you to show multiple pieces of blog content to a single person without spending money on multiple ads.

You can also appeal to a larger audience than if you were only offering a single post. The more relevant you make an ad, the cheaper it will be. Just remember not to overwhelm users with too many cards, use around 3 – 6 cards for your carousel, less is always more.

You can hopefully get people interested in at least one of these blog posts. Try and make your cards more appealing too by making use of attractive visuals so that users will want to click on them.

Another thing that makes these carousel ads appealing is that they are also quite easy to set up in the Facebook Ads Manager.

Hyper-specific Twitter advertising

Although Twitter has a substantially smaller user-base than a social media site like Facebook, it still offers some of the best audience targeting and it can be used to generate a lot of cheap traffic.

What makes Twitter so appealing is that you can create a hyper-targeted list to send your content to. These lists can be created with the diverse audience features that Twitter offers. Twitter’s adverts are great for naturally placing content in a user’s feed, and they are also very attractive.

Just like the Facebook carousel ads, setting up hyper-targeted adverts on Twitter is also very easy through the Twitter Ads dashboard.

LinkedIn is a very popular site these days and almost all business professionals have a LinkedIn account that they read content on.

LinkedIn provides the perfect place to deliver content to new users and it is even easier to get leads on LinkedIn than it is on Twitter. LinkedIn also offers the best environment to reach high-level executives who are usually very difficult to reach.

Another thing that makes LinkedIn so appealing is that almost everything that users share on LinkedIn is focused on content and blogs, so it is the ideal place to promote content with cheap, native ads.

Promoting sponsored content via native advertising works by publishing content directly on the LinkedIn feed where most people will see it. You are also able to target an audience by their interests.

You can create an advert on LinkedIn through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager. When setting up your advert you will be able to narrow down your audience based on your ideal traffic. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for driving high-level, hard-to-reach traffic.


Without a following on social media sites or connections to get links, it is very likely that your posts will disappear without being seen, no matter how good the content is.

It is becoming so much harder to get traffic when digital marketing is already overflowing with content and everyone is trying to get in on the action. Making use of cheap paid social ads provides an opportunity for you to land some more traffic by appealing to larger audiences. Social media ads also offer one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of driving traffic to your site, no matter which social media platform you choose to use.

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