BonkLive: The Future of Live Streaming

Welcome all to our new post and in this post, we are going to talk about BonkLive which is the future of live streaming because of its unique concept (we will discuss it later). Through it, users can go live and can meet other people of same interest. And by doing this broadcaster can earn good amount of money, they just need to read some lines of advertisers while going live. BonkLive provides more interactive ways through which broadcasters and their followers can interact with each other more efficiently and smoothly. And if we talk about its support it currently supports Android and iOS based devices only.

bonklive social live streaming app


Introduction of BonkLive

As mentioned earlier it is a social media platform through which its users can live broadcast themselves among their followers, and they can interact with each other easily. It provides some easy sign-up options like signup through phone number, Facebook, Instagram, etc. so that users can start using it quickly. Now let us highlight some key features of it.

1) The broadcaster can earn money just reading some lines about the particular company during live stream, or they can even earn just by placing company logo.

2) Followers can also draw special attention or mentions from their favorite stars during live stream just by sending them virtual gifts and these virtual gifts can be exchanged with real cash by the receivers.

3) Some chatting options are also there through which viewers can easily pass flying comments during the live stream.

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Why to use BonkLive?

In this part of the post, we will tell you how BonkLive is for you why to go with it.

For Influencers

1) If you are a sportsperson, artist or any other person with the huge following, then you should go with BonkLive blindly. As it will pay more to you for your online social activities. For example, there is no concept of earning from live Instagram stories. You can earn from the sponsors directly whereas in BonkLive, it will pay you if you are a Bonkified user and you can also earn from the company directly.

2) There is no concept of virtual gifts(which can be exchanged for real money) in any other social media platform, whereas from BonkLive you can earn extra income from virtual gifts.

For Followers

1) As mentioned earlier it comes with some interactive chatting options which can make your chatting experience smooth.

2) BonkLive is a new platform, and it has fewer users, and hence you can easily grab the attention of your favorite star through it though you can also use virtual gifts also.

3) Don’t worry about your favorite stars as they are earning through it and will spend most of the time on it only.

Interface of the BonkLive Android App.

Let us give a quick intro to the interface of the BonkLive android app.

  • Here is the screenshot of the signup page of the BonkLive app.

  • After that, you will get the following screen. You can follow your favorite stars from here only.

  • You can also search for your favorite stars through search options which come with various filters options like shown below.

BonkLive screenshot

  • You can also check for currently live influencer in feature section and can enter the live chat if you want.
  • You can send flying message, and you can also send some virtual gifts for special attention look at below snaps for more idea.

bonklive android application

bonklive points

  • You can also check the nearby broadcaster in your country.

bonklive nearest broadcaster

  • You can also broadcast yourself just by clicking on live button option.

bonklive broadcast

  • And in profile option, you can also check for total numbers of diamonds which you received while playing commercials and you can also check your treasure box through which you can also send special gifts to your favorite stars.

bonklive diamonds

Hope you have read all the above points carefully and will take action accordingly. BonkLive follows strict policies and it is only for 18 plus. You can check out its various other features just by trying it only. Download it and try it and share your thoughts with us through comments section or through shares.

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