Bitdefender Review: A Must Have Android Mobile Security App

If you take the privacy and security of your Android device seriously, then you should have the Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android installed on your device. Not only does this application check and protect your device from any virus or other malicious threats, the app also makes sure that the data on your Android device stays secure and away from any threats at all times.

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If you want to know more about this security application for Android, then today we are here with a detailed review.


Features of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android:


It offers quite a lot of features that make the application stand out from the rest of the antivirus and mobile security applications for Android. Below is the detailed list of features of this security app:

  • Malware Scanner that not only scans your Android device for any possible threats and malware attacks, but also the SD card that is inserted into your Android device.
  • You can perform an Account Privacy check to know whether your private and sensitive information has been hacked or is being monitored by some unauthorized personnel.
  • The Web Security feature monitors and safeguards all your online activity on popular social media networks like Facebook and Messenger and also supports mobile browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, Opera, Opera Mini, or your device’s own default web browser.
  • The Anti-Theft feature lets you safeguard your Android device in case your device gets stolen or lost somewhere. Using this feature, you can locate your device remotely in case you lose it and even choose to wipe the data or lock your Android device remotely as well.
  • The app also has an app-lock feature built-in to the application so that you do not have to install less secure third-party app lock applications on your device. This application even takes a selfie of those who try to gain access to your device without authorization.
  • Probably the best feature is the Privacy Advisor. Launching this feature instantly shows a “Privacy Score” for your device depending on the applications that are installed on your device. The less privacy friendly apps you have installed on your device, the higher your score will be. This feature will also display the privacy concerns related to each application installed on your device.
  • Last but not the least is the Reports feature. This will show you a detailed weekly based reporting of all the scans, breaches and other security related information of your Android device to let you know how secure your device really is.

Is Bitdefender app certified?

Of course, yes it is, and here is a screenshot that proves it.

Bitdefender certified

How to Install and Get Started with the Mobile Security App for Android?

To get started you need to install the application from the Google Play Store. You can either search for the application and download it on your Android device or just click here to install it onto your mobile or tablet.

bitdefender for android

Once the application is installed onto your Android device, launching the application for the first time will require you to log into the application. You can choose to log in using either an existing Facebook, Google+ or Microsoft Account. You can also log into the application by entering your existing account credentials, or you can also opt to create a new account.

Once logged in, your 14-days trial version of the application will begin automatically.

bitdefender malware scanner

From the application, you can do either a quick scan or a full scan to search for any possible malware that may be present in your Android device. This security app stands ahead of the other antivirus applications for Android by letting you even scan the external SD card installed on your device for any possible hidden threats. This way, you can be a 100{1022aa674df23212950ef61c8bd7f7863f2ed1a407f4b2d18f6ee7b042c1c692} sure that your device is free from any sort of virus or other malware attacks.

Final Words:

A simple, all in one tool for Android protection.

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