Best Watch Brands to Own in 2019

Best Watch Brands to Own in 2019

If you take a gander at huge numbers of the most well-known watch brands, you’ll see that their accumulations typically contain a couple (or many) works of art whose names have been around for a considerable length of time. Brands like Rolex don’t generally discharge new models, but instead, keep on enhancing their centre gathering after some time. Models like the Submariner and Datejust have been around for ages. Different brands likewise keep convention alive by proceeding to offer present-day forms of plans that have demonstrated effective for a long time. To perceive and help propose those watches which are “living legends” we’ve concocted a rundown of the main 5 best watch brands. Honestly, to be a living legend, a watch must have notable roots and still be created today.


Rolex Submariner

It was 1954 that Rolex initially discharged the Submariner, and the watch business hasn’t been the equivalent since. The Submariner was never discharged as an extravagance item, but instead an expert jumper’s watch that anybody could appreciate. It achieved a faction status for being a damn decent games watch and later during the 1980s when the mechanical watch picked up a more extravagance status and Rolex started its long way to turn into the world’s most alluring extravagance timepiece brand. The Submariner is their most prevalent model all things considered. Tough and intelligible, its smooth style stays immortal, and in particular – reasonable for most any man (and numerous ladies) paying little heed to look, style, or age.

Omega Speedmaster

Notwithstanding value, eminence, history or innovation, the Omega Speedmaster is generally viewed as the quintessential games chronograph. You need an attractive however not conspicuous chronograph with an incredible history, particular look, and sufficiently long life to offer a wide range of renditions? That is a Speedmaster. Why? The Omega Speedmaster was adequate for NASA, and one was tied to Buzz Aldrin for his 1969 moonwalk. The Moonwatch is fundamentally the Submariner of chronographs; there are bunches of variants, bounty in the utilized market, they hold their esteem well and have developed moderately gradually.

AudemarsPiguet Royal Oak

The Royal Oak is the watch that spared AudemarsPiguet and made them the brand they are today. Realizing they required unrest and not development, AudemarsPiguet acquired none other than Gerald Genta to plan a watch that could acquaint the brand with a greater market. Genta made the AP Royal Oak ref 5402ST which propelled in 1972 with a sticker price so forceful that not exclusively did it inconceivably surpass the cost of any of its opposition; it even out-estimated most gold watches available. The world had no reference for a steel extravagance sports watch, making the Royal Oak an in with no reservations play by AudemarsPiguet.


1931 saw the introduction of the Reverso, which was one of the first associations among Jaeger and LeCoultre, which along these lines converged to frame a particular brand. From the begin, the Reverso was bound to be a top of the line watch being made for individuals from Britain’s world-class society as a timepiece to be worn while playing polo in then frontier India. The craftsmanship deco styling and attractive idiosyncrasies of the rakish timepiece made it a snappy hit among high-society people, particularly in Europe. The center of the twentieth century saw an end to Reverso generation, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that the Reverso began to return. This was particularly the situation over the most recent 20 years. Its attractive styling is obviously exemplary, yet in addition immortal and characteristically manly. Jaeger-LeCoultre has likewise offered a bewildering cluster of Reverso styles and sizes to interest most extravagance watch clients. The Reverso case and development are made absolutely in-house by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Rolex Datejust

Effectively Rolex’s most major watch, the Datejust has been around since 1945 when Rolex added a date highlight to their Bubbleback watch. The Datejust is proof of what Rolex accepts to be most fundamental in a watch. Rolex is a preservationist brand, and the Datejust is their most functional model, offering all that you need in an ordinary piece and nothing more. While a 41mm adaptation was propelled in 2009, the Datejust was already accessible just in littler sizes including 36mm (men), 31mm (medium size) and 26mm for the women. This suffering model has been worn by numerous celebrated people including President Dwight Eisenhower, truly innumerable entertainers, and even Tony Soprano. One of the quintessential Rolex models, the Datejust offers fantastic flexibility, working similarly too with pants and a shirt as it would with formal attire.

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