Five Best Stock Market Trading Apps for Beginners

Trading is a buzzword among stock marketers after the introduction of blockchain technology and rises in demand-supply of the real-world commodities. Every day we hear news like the rise in the stock of this or that- and think what are they? How can I learn to make money on such platforms?

Well.. don’t worry.! Time is all yours. The advancement in modern technologies has introduced various ways to perform all your tasks-from a business to a normal good purchasing. You wanna buy a ticket, food, dress, furniture, investment etc., use apps. You can download an app for trading on your iOS or Android smartphone and start bidding. The app development has emerged as an incredible source to reduce complexity from the real-world scenarios. According to a report, 90 billion applications were downloaded in 2016 including iOS and Android. For people who are looking to make a career in this field, it’s a good opportunity because these applications are getting advance. You can go through Android Training, blogs, videos, iOS app development course and start digging opportunities from now. Once you will understand this art of success, no one can stop you in this digital world.

Here is the list of five stock market trading apps responsible for driving the investor’s journey:


1). TradeHero:

Supported on: Android, iOS

TradeHero is the best platform for beginners where they can learn and practice trading in a secure environment. This application is powered by real-world data providing a platform where users can enhance their trading skills and examine new strategies without taking any risk. It has simulated stock exchanges of the world where the user will receive $100,000 for creating a portfolio and competing for one another.

The best part is that the winner will receive a real cash award from the hosts and they will be listed on the leaderboard table. You will also receive alert notifications for the preferred app and get chance to learn from the video tutorials and cool tips from professionals.

2). Acorns:

Supported on: iOS, Android

The Acorns is also one of the great choices for investors who have just marked their entry in the trading world. This app enables ‘invest the change’ by adding credit cards or debit cards. It rounds up the daily purchases investing the difference in the funds selected by Harry Markowitz. Harry is a Nobel prize-winning economist.

This application makes the whole investment process very easier for beginners with a very less stash in their pocket. Acorns core charges are $1 per month which allows access to automated trading, smart portfolios, grow magazine etc., to maintain balance in this dynamic world.

3). Yahoo Finance:

Supported on: Android and iOS

Yahoo Finance is one of the most famous financial information resources available over the internet. Its application provides you the real-time stock data and monitors your personal portfolio.

You can simply add a stock in the watchlist to get notified with its latest news, charts and many more information about the company where you can compare stocks.

You can track previous market report to understand the currency flow, bonds, equity shares and other useful figures from the world market. This platform also allows you to explore more than 100 cryptocurrencies. It also lets you sync your stock data among various devices providing a better user experience.

4). MotifExplorer:

Supported on: iOS, Android

Motif Investing is an online trading platform which allows you to invest in ideas. It provides investing trends and various global events to avail investment opportunities for you. You can create and maintain portfolios through related stock information.

Here, you will get access to IPOs, automated impact investing and upcoming diversified crypto investing. Motif leverages the power of data science and analysis. You need to invest a minimum of $250 to mark your active presence on this platform so that you can manage your portfolio which will have 30 stocks and ETFs. You can check the performance of motif anytime through new ideas, charts etc.

This app also allows non-motif customers to use this app. They can make a list of favorites getting access to cool investing ideas.

5). TD Ameritrade Mobile:


Supported on: iOS, Android

TD Ameritrade Mobile offers various tools and plugins to analyze the current market and trades. It allows the trading over equities, forex, options. The investors can update themselves with new from various media channels such as CNBC.

The accessibility to full proofed and informative research resources offered by professionals allows an investor to get valuable insights for trading decision making. They can also leverage the chats and calendar to contact other traders and mark upcoming events.

Its mobile platform is responsible for analyzing trends and maintaining the record of each traders data and performance. Here, you can transfer cash money, checks with the help of a mobile phone camera.

The inbuilt scanner avails all the market data by simply scanning the provided barcode of any product. Currently, its overall iOS application market is much higher than the Android one.

These five applications are supported on both the iOS and Android mobile phones. You can start your trading career with a single click installation. So what are you waiting for, just install them and start learning trading tactics with the provided insights from the market data?

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