Best Free Music App For Android [2019]

Almost every Android device comes up with pre-installed music app whether it is from googles own offering and other from manufactures of that phone. Don’t let that limit you. I am here to tell you about some more useful app which you can easily install from google play store and enjoy almost every feature which another music app comes with. And will also tell you the best things about the app and why you should use it in your android.

In the market of the store you will find many apps which will claim to be the beat and free for all users, but actually, they are the third party apps which can be harmful to your privacy and data. That’s why I have found one of the best apps for you named Spotify music streaming app as you need the free music app for your android phone. Here we will start with talking about the app and will tell you all the positive and negative sides of the app.


Spotify: free music streaming

Spotify app is famous worldwide for its massive collection of various tracks and music of almost every kind from all over the world. Collection of over 35 million tracks which will be enough for any kind. Including great features like podcasts, music playlists, stations, and recommendations upon your search history to make you more reliable to the service.

Also had a feature of Spotify connect which can be used to connect more different devices to it and has a running mode which allows you to adjust the pace of the music with your rhythm manually. The best thing about this app is that even the free version users will also be able to enjoy all these features. But the only thing you have to face in the free version is the ads. You will also be able to save your playlists songs offline to listen to it anywhere and anytime you want without any internet connection.

Lot more things to do with like play music, download songs, discover music and create readymade playlists that you want. Even though you will get free personalized recommendations on your search history. If it is not available in your country, then don’t worry get Spotify hacked apk and run it in your country.


  • Simple to use
  • Good user interface
  • Works in almost every device like desktop, tablet, phones


  • Don’t have its own lyrics feature
  • Available in a limited number of countries

Why Spotify is the best:

I have recommended you Spotify music app as it is best amongst any other app in the market. It has a lot more features than any other.

It offers everything that the opposite competitors have. The user interface is also well to keep the users feel easy while using the app in listening to the music.

Basically, they have turned themselves to the top streaming service to provide you everything related you need.


At last, I would say if you want something which is free and offline moreover then without any doubt just go through the app and use it for your android. I know this app will be useful and hope you will find it helpful.

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