Best Android Apps for Bikers

Cycling apps improve the cycling experience of the cyclist, ensure one keeps fit and makes it easy to plot the directions of their destinations. If you are looking for the best cycling apps, then look no more. This context has the best cycling apps for you rides.

Best Android Apps for Bikers



Beanhunter is a free app that started in Australia and it has grown to offer the broad database of cafe worldwide. Just download the app and search the cafe near you or anywhere else by the name and the location.


This app is free and was launched in 2009. It has become popular and widely used by many. The app tracks and records your ride providing speed, distance, and other metrics. It depends on how your rides have presented that set it apart. Strava shows you the time on the leaderboards so you can see and compare with others who have cycled on the same road.

It has social functionality that allows you to follow the progress of cycling friends, join the club and take part in the challenges.

Google Maps.

Google map is a free app that provides cycling routes and works very well. The app provides turn-by-turn navigation instructions. It also shows the time the cyclist needs to reach a certain place. The app has a voice command that instructs on the desired directions by the cyclist.


Mapmyride it is very popular and is used for plotting routes or finding other routes in your area. It is a free app with the large database of routes available. The app can be useful for those who want to explore different parts of the country.

Rain Alarm

Weather apps are popular with cyclists who don’t check for weather before dressing for a ride. The app uses real-time data to warn of rain and provides correct details on a clear map. The app has no charges when used.


GPS is a free app with a powerful route planning instructions. It is common among cyclists planning for long distances ride. The app can be used as a cycle computer, it can provide live tracking and navigation.GPS can even support Bluetooth accessories for cadence and speed data.

Wahoo fitness

Wahoo fitness is a tracker for fitness activities. The app can track your distance and speeds it also motivates you and keeps one safe when cycling. It can upload your record to apps like strava and it can connect to Bluetooth devices.


Lifesum is an app with charges and is used to shed some weight and track your basic foods habits. In the basic such, it adds one’s gender, age, weight and inputs your meals and activities. The app will tell you what you need to eat and stay on track according to your goals.

Bike citizens

Bike citizen is a free app with travel guide and navigation that provides a large continuous and updated database worldwide. The Bike citizen map is based on OpenStreetMap which evolve and you can add routes to its database yourself. That means there are submitted rides to check out on the map.


The route planner has a voice that commands you so you do not need to be staring at your phone when you need to navigate. It also chooses a route for you with varying levels of gradient according to your preference. There are many European cities on its database and many other parts worldwide in it.

Santander cycles

It allows you to find the nearest biking and docking station. Depending on tour instructions, the app is able to find short routes for you. It is always a free app.

Bike hurb cycle journey planner

The app is able to find the shortest routes to your destination. When the app is route loaded, it can provide 2D and 3D satellite navigations accompanied with audio announcements. It can also provide the location of the nearest bike shop. it is a free app.


The app provides the large database of several routes. It allows one to store any favorite routes and also import GPX and KML routes in it. The app is free and compatible with the apple watch.


The app allows you to key your destination then it saves the routes for the journey. Kamoot is a free app that will always provide several available routes for your destination. It is the best app for adventurous cyclists, bike tours and off-roaders who are eager to explore new areas.

Bike gear calculator

Bike gear calculator allows the cyclist to compare different gears on the bike and it shows how fast one will be traveling in that gear at a particular time. When you provide the app with your details it will display all the required calculations. The app is always paid for.

Bike computer

Is a free app that portrays distance, pace, elevation, and route. With this app, you can share your rides to strava or facebook as it is compatible with Bluetooth-ready heart rate monitors. It has a dark screen mode in it that reduces battery usage and ensures night rides are viewable.

Fill that hole

This app was launched in the UK to report potholes to local authorities. The app lets you easily report the potholes from the roadside instead of waiting until you get home and logging onto the is a free application.


This is a popular free weather app .it is a service from Norwegian Meteorological Institute. It provides weather forecast, meteograms, and many weather warning.


Cyclestreet app is free and useful for planning routes. The app lets you plan from route A to B anywhere in the UK with three route modes to suit different cyclist from commuters to beginners.

Bike doctor

Bike doctor is a paid app that provides step-by-step instructions for fixing mechanical problems on your bike. The app is easy to use with clear instructions that a complete can follow.

Bike fast fit

It’s a bike fitting app that lets you capture some riding video. The app measures key riding positions, angles and the distances. The app has to be paid for.

Garmin connect mobile

It connects to your device to upload your rides to the Garmin connect website, which can share data with strava. The app is free.

Sleep cycle

It measures your sleep cycle throughout the night and wakes you at the optional time for morning training session.


The app captures the ride data from strava, Garmin connects to Endomondo and transforms it to a moving map. Any ride can be uploaded then shared to your logging service. Relieve sends you an email with a link to your video. The app is never paid for.

The above-listed apps are a road guide for all the cyclist. They aim at improving your riding experience. The apps are all available on the Android-enabled smartphones for the cyclist.

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