Important Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology has become an integral part of today’s society. With technology, life has become simple, easy and convenient. Slowly, technology has entered the domain of education to make learning more effective for the students.

benefits of technology in education

Numerous educationists believe that the current education system is improper and promotes a rat-race among the learners. Even teachers express that, engaging children in the learning process is difficult which deteriorates the learning ability of the students. Also, as the teachers are only restricted to classroom boards to teach, students sometimes cannot connect with the lessons and fail to understand the practical relevance of the concepts.

With several constraints in the traditional learning methodologies, the need to integrate technology in education is extremely crucial in the present generation. Educational technology has several benefits in the learning process of the students.

Some of the most important benefits of education technology are mentioned below.


Deeper Understanding of Concepts

Using technology, concepts can be taught using 3D animations to help the students understand the topics in a quick and effective way. Important topics like Newton’s laws, waves, electrochemistry, geometry, etc. can be understood better if taught using animations and practical relevances. By understanding the concepts better, the memory retention of the students improve and they tend to remember the lessons for a longer time.

Easy Access to Information

Carrying books to the classrooms have now become a thing of the past. Searching for a particular information is no more a troublesome job. With technology, the whole world of knowledge has come to the fingertips and any topic is now accessible to anyone and everyone. Interested learners can learn anything of their choice at their own convenience. Even distance learning is possible as the information is easily and widely available.

Personalized Learning

One of the most important boons of technology-integrated learning is “personalized learning”. Now learners are able to learn at their own pace and convenience with the help of adaptive technology. Many edutech apps have come up who use analytics to understand the unique learning pattern of the students and present the lessons according to the learner’s requirements.

Increased Engagement

Learners are now more engaged with learning as technology has bought various innovative methods to make learning more enjoyable and interactive. Concepts like gamification have proved to be extremely beneficial to make kids learn more effectively. Also, with proper engagement, even complex topics like nuclear fusion, electromagnetic waves, etc. have become extremely easy to understand.

These were some of the most important benefits that technology has on education. It is now important to adapt to technological advancements and make learning more effective and engaging. Several edutech companies have also come up in the recent years and have been widely accepted as an educational companion by the students.

An example of one such edutech app is BYJU’S- the Learning App. The app integrated some of the most crucial technologies to revolutionize the way students learn. Check the video below to know more about the app and how it has implemented technology-integrated learning.

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