8 Proven Tricks to Become a Professional Writer Faster

Taking the step to becoming a professional writer is not to be taken lightly. It is definitely a commitment you have to make with yourself. There will be moments when you doubt yourself, but this is when you have to become relentless. Push through and continue on your journey if this is really what you want. No one is born a writer. Everyone had to start out as a novice.

There are different types of writers. Decide in which category you want to be before you start on your journey. You can join the professional paper writers or the creatives. The options are really endless if you do your research. There are some steps you can take towards becoming the writer you want to be. Professional writers are just normal people who have practiced their skills. Turn your hobby into a career by following the following steps.


Effective Research

You can write about any topic if you do proper research. Being a professional writer is all about communicating information. If you understand a topic, you can write about it. Remember, writing is not about being perfect. Professional writers often make mistakes and this can make writing interesting.

Stick to the facts you find in your research as far as possible also don’t forget to Plagiarism Checker. Keep in mind that you want to use your research as a foundation. You need to build on what you find. Doing proper research is not about what you find on the first page of a Google search. You need to dig a little deeper into mist topics.

Create a Writing Outline

Always start your writing with an outline. This can be compact or go into as much detail as you like. Your outline will guide you through your writing process. Professional writer understands that flow is very important. You cannot jump between facts without it aligning.

Smaller Chunks

Writing is an overwhelming task at first. When you receive a lot of instructions to what you are working on, it can consume your mind. All you need to do is focus on one fact at a time. If you are working on your introduction, don’t think further than that.

Be patient with yourself when you take on larger tasks. You can find an essay writer help with a quick online search. Once you reach a certain level of stress, your brain stops working at an optimal level.

Increase Reading

If you want to be a professional writer, you also have to be an avid reader. Some writers say you cannot be a writer if you don’t love to read. This is not part of your research reading. You can read fiction or non-fiction content. This will increase your vocabulary and help you come up with different writing styles.


Become serious about your art and make it one of your top priorities. A lot of people say they have goals and dreams, but never get started. Set an amount of word you have to write every day and commit to it. There is no shortcut to becoming the best writer. It is simply a factor of practicing as often as you can.


Create a professional online portfolio. This is an important step if you want to start earning money as a writer. Make sure you chose a specific niche if you are writing content. You need to be an expert on certain topics. Use this to create a portfolio that can be easily found.

There are a lot of free platforms to create an online portfolio. I would suggest against this. If you want to be a professional, make sure you get your own domain. This will not only look professional but also help you with your marketing.

Learn to Market

Being a professional writer is more than just writing. You also have to start marketing yourself. Think of this as a business and you are the brand. Make sure your brand represents a professional and positive image. If you just wrote a professional essay or an article, use it for your marketing purposes. Clients do not always come to you, so you have to let them know that you are in business.


You can be the worst writer and have confidence pull you through. Do not stop believing in your goals. Believing that it is possible is the biggest step to being a good writer. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.

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