ASMR On Twitch: Easy Money Or Not Worth The Trouble?


Although Twitch is primarily a hub for the gaming community there are many other live stream categories on the platform. Probably one of the most popular other categories is ASMR, but what are Twitch live streamers gaining from broadcasting within this category?

How ASMR Allows Twitch Users To Earn Money

Twitch is a platform that allows users to donate money to live streams they enjoy, in the form of Twitch bits. These donations are particularly high on ASMR broadcasts, and many live streamers offer special effects for a higher price. ASMR is actually the easiest way to get Twitch followers to pay money. Some people would argue that there is a sexual aspect to the ASMR broadcast, but even live streams that are based on playing with “slime” are highly popular nowadays.

Understanding ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and has been described as a relaxing sensation that is triggered by visual and auditory stimuli. In other words, people watching a video on Twitch or any other platform feel a sense of calm due to the type of content created. The content can include a variety of ASMR triggers such as colorful slime, satisfying sounds, whispering, and many visual triggers as well.

Should You Start An ASMR Channel

Before you ask whether starting an ASMR channel is going to be profitable, you need to ask yourself whether or not you are interested in the niche. In order to continuously create new ASMR content, especially on a live broadcasting platform like Twitch, is not as easy as it looks. You also need to think of the type of ASMR content you will be able to provide. Are you willing to whisper on live camera? Are you willing to accept the comments with sexual connotations that many internet trolls will leave? Will you be more comfortable handling slime on a regular basis? Better yet, are you going to have the creativity required to show different content that is based solely on playing with slime and similar substances? All these questions will help you decide whether ASMR is for you. Generally, if you’re already interested in the topic, then you can find success in this type of content creation. Once you start gaining a large enough following, you will be able to sign up for affiliate marketing programs and then further down the road – to negotiate sponsorship deals with brands looking to market their products on Twitch. If you’re successful enough, this can be considered your main source of income.

ASMR is a type of content that is widespread across all different types of social media platforms, and it is particularly popular on Twitch. We can consider it a very profitable activity to participate in, but it is not as easy as live streamers make it look. There is a lot of innovation, creativity, and other difficulties that are associated with creating ASMR content. There is definitely demand for this type of content, but there is also very high competition.

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