App Development: Technical Creative Cutthroat

The world of app development is one that requires high levels of both skill and creativity from those who are involved in it. The stakes are high, as new products can be an extremely lucrative commodity and ones that can see those responsible for building them go from rags to riches pretty much overnight. In addition to the technical and creative elements involved in the industry, there is another side to it, the business side, get that wrong and no matter how good the app is you may never see a penny’s return on investment.

App Development: Technical Creative Cutthroat

The Most Popular Apps

One only needs to look at some of the world’s most popular apps; Instagram, WeChat, Tik Tok, to recognise just what is at stake when it comes to their production and development. Hours spent researching and programming code down to the finest of details and then, of course, the money that is involved.

Whilst the more established companies such as Facebook and the like will have all the bases covered when it comes to the business side of things, some smaller developers and companies may not. Here, to maximise their potential for success it important that they do not overlook the business and indeed legal aspects to the work.

Business and Legal Issues

When it comes to business and legal issues, few are as important to app developers as those that concern patents. Patents are a legal way of protecting intellectual property (IP) and safeguarding it from competitors. The legal nuances that are involved in patent law are complex to say the least and so for smaller firms it makes sense to outsource this kind of work. Expert legal services, such as the ones offered by Withers Worldwide, are paramount if IP is to be locked down and protected.

Legal experts can also assist in other areas that can easily be overlooked or swept under the carpet. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) is a good example of this and serves to illustrate just how important expert legal advice can be to companies both large and small.

So the advice to app developers, particularly those who are independent or who work for smaller firms, is to continue with the great work they are doing, but in addition, to always keep one eye on the business and legal aspects of the industry to ensure IP and patents are kept in check.

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