AI Revolutions: Shaping the Face of Digital Marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the commonest word heard from the marketers and tech savvies where it has become the hot talk industry-wide. And why not, the ever-unique technology has shown its evident in all facets of human life. (Self-driving cars, voice assistants, clever chatbots, smart devices, etc.)

2018 is leaving, and one can expect some jaw-dropping revolutions in 2019 where the Artificial Intelligence technology will mold and change the shape of all industry types be it healthcare, marketing, education, IT, banking, anything you say.

Whatever be the sphere, the motive with which the technology made its advent fulfills it all by delivering an improved customer experience to the end users.

And, when it comes to Internet marketing, it starts with the customers, and it ends with the customers. AI closely analyzes this and with its effective data analysis and its ability to process the user input, the technology is eliminating manpower by cleverly handling the marketing roles.

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is the present and the future where professionals, beginners and even entrepreneurs must expand the bracket of their knowledge and career by taking up a course in AI, acquiring an Artificial Intelligence Certification that will give them all an upper hand over the others.

AI Revolutions: Shaping the Face of Digital Marketing


Roleplay of AI in your Business’s Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and its sub-branches (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing) are all set to provide a competitive edge to your digital advertising and efforts made over it. See how:

  1. AI Understands your Audience Better

Well performing data analytics of AI gives semantic outcomes by predicting the buying patterns and behavior of your pre-defined audience.

  1. AI helps to deliver Great User Experience

The data examinations and reports produced by robust algorithms are in real-time which allows you to make real-time decisions and deliver that what is the demand of the end users.

  1. AI Improves your Overall Productivity

With powerful tools and programs, AI automates repetitive work and avoids rework. This further can enhance productivity, thus saving time and money.

  1. AI makes your Campaigning more Effective

With data-driven analysis and real-time reports, AI helps you eliminate the guesswork and act as per the industry demands by which an enterprise can exceed the user expectations and needs.

  1. AI Accelerates your ROI

When AI intervenes an organization, it transforms every area improving the overall marketing strategies that are responsible for a company’s growth and success. Delivering quality at the right time and to the right audience certainly boosts revenue gains.


The biggest evident example having an online presence on websites and e-devices is that of Chatbots which is considered to be a great application of Artificial Intelligence.

At present, there are many AI chatbot programs available those are solely designed to help you engage with the public in a better way, being a part of their world.

To respond to customers queries, apply chatbots to your websites, emails, text messages and apps as they are able to answer the most common problems and questions and provide effective solutions.

More accurate and human-like conversations executed by machines improve the overall customer experience and make your marketing attempts to be a great success.

Personalized Product Recommendations

To approach anybody, first, we need to know what that person wants and expects. We must know their preferences to have negligible or no chances of rejection and ignorance.

This is the fundamental of digital marketing as well. The AI techniques are when implemented into your products and services will enable you to get close insights about user’s needs, behaviors, and habits.

So, its AI again telling you what your customers are interested in, what they would like to buy, and what would make them tap on you. Once you know them, you can accordingly alter your marketing tactics to derive better results.

AI’s advertising strategies and data analysis are specific and accurate, and it would be wrong to say that machines overpower human capabilities.

Thus, artificial intelligence empowers you to be more personal and more concerning towards your customers that ultimately helps improve user interaction, product/service experience, and eventually the financial gains.

Image Recognition

Today’s ‘Digital’ is about machines being more close to humans rather than humans to other humans. Yes, the e-devices are more interactive and entertaining which pulls the interest of any user.

And when everybody is online why not capture them online. Brands today, use AI image recognition to examine and assess visual data track user patterns and preferences through images they share or tag.

The concepts of artificial intelligence are seen as an interactive digital marketing tool which enables companies to personalize their content, offers, services, etc in a fun and exciting way.

Image recognition, being implemented in apps helps customers to find products and items based on their preferences or things that they may love.

It’s AI that supports it all at the backend giving enhancing user’s experience and providing a business better understanding of their pre-defined audience, changing their business and marketing approaches.

Over To You

Artificial Intelligence is doing wonders industry-wide and every day is proving itself to be an evergreen scientific technique which is going nowhere in the coming decades.

And marketing is that trade field which has no boundaries ever since it has been practiced from the traditional era. Marketing on digital grounds is made easy and flexible with the upcoming advancements where AI has made major contributions.

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