Advanced Developments: 3 Unique Ideas in the Transport System

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The development of modern technology is changing the world at a huge speed. This feature is especially clearly seen in the field of transport. Now, everyone has the opportunity to book a Pittsburgh airport rental car return or buy a train ticket to Brussels without leaving home, which is very convenient.

Of course, convenience and innovation applies to all areas of transport, including design, safety, as well as control systems. The largest corporations are engaged in the development and implementation of new technologies, which makes the public constantly surprised at the innovations regarding air, river, rail and land transport.

Here’re some important developments that we will definitely be able to try in the nearest future…


Unmanned Transport Systems

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According to statistics, 90% of accidents in the world are due to the human factor. That is, the most unreliable and dangerous element when driving a car, truck or bus is a human. This concept was expressed by Elon Musk in 2015, as well as the fact that trusting a person to control a mechanism that can lead to death is unacceptable.

Then these words were perceived with irony, but already it became an idea that most auto concerns picked up. Experts predict that unmanned devices by 2035 will make up about 10% of all products manufactured by the automotive industry, and by 2050, unmanned cars will be able to completely supplant their predecessors.

In addition to the fact that this type of control is considered to be safer, the automatic control system is able to calculate in advance the most profitable mode of movement, which will reduce fuel consumption.

The biggest benefits from this implementation are planned to be obtained by companies that are engaged not in passenger, but in freight transportation. The first phase of tests has already been performed, and its results have become a powerful trigger for the public to become interested in self-driving vehicles.

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So far, hybrids that give the possibility of automatic and manual control are in priority. The driver, if necessary, will be able to change these modes depending on the situation on the road. Automatic sensors and control systems will increase the overall speed on the roads of cities, avoiding traffic jams and problem areas. In addition, new technologies will allow a person traveling in a car to spend free time at his discretion, devoting it to his favorite hobby or work.

In general, it’s expected that unmanned vehicles can largely change the lives of most people for the better.

Hyperloop Technology

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Since 2013, more and more transport units are equipped with an electric motor as part of the program for combating harmful emissions. Scientists don’t stop working in this direction, developing new technologies that will be more modern and safe.

Developments related to public transport are increasingly associated with hydrogen fuel, which produces many times less emissions and works silently. This simultaneously solves the problem with chemical and sound pollutants, which are very acute in megacities.

At the moment, the most flawless transport technology is the Hyperloop system, which represents transport capsules containing passengers inside of them. Such capsules will travel with an ultra-speed of 1000 km/h inside the pipe, where a reduced air pressure is artificially created.

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It’s due to rarefaction that movement at such a speed will be possible. Changes in pressure won’t affect people located inside the capsules, so their well-being will remain unchanged. The tunnel through which the high-speed shuttle moves will be located above the ground on supports with a monorail.

Sealed capsules will move along this monorail. All tests have already been completed, and the project is currently under implementation. In order to understand how revolutionary such a high-speed movement will be, it’s enough to imagine that the time required to move from New York to Washington will be reduced from 3-4 hours to just 29 minutes.

Super speed trains

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The train speed record on the railroad track belongs to the train of the modern TGV POS model, which is planned to be launched in many developed countries. During the tests, it was able to reach speeds of up to 574 km/h. Of course, it will move between stations a little slower and without using the maximum reserve, but it’s not planned to lower the figure below 450 km/h.

Another new technology concerns rail vehicles with magnetic cushions. In Japan, one such train of the MLX01 model is already running – its maximum speed is 581 km/h. Such indicators are possible due to the lack of adhesion between the surface of the wheels and the railroad track.

Inside such cars, people are under pressure, and they feel like passengers on an airplane taking off. At the moment, the MLX01 is considered to be the most high-tech and modern model of railway transport, reducing the travel time between large cities.

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