AdBlock vs AdBlock Plus – Which is Best AdBlocker?

Adblock vs Adblock Plus? Which is the Best Adblocker?  This question might have arisen in your mind that what’s the difference between Adblock and Adblock Plus. As the name is quite similar and both of these does the same work of blocking ads in the browser. But you might be not aware of the difference between them.

Before starting the comparison let me tell you that Adblock & Adblock Plus both are the extension for browsers to block the advertisements. Whenever you visit some websites you may see some advertisements or popup ads are there and if you want to get rid of these ads then you can use the Adblocker extension.

As there are various Adblocker extensions available in the market but finding out one of the best among them is quite difficult. Here in this article, we will be discussing two famous adblocker extensions which are Adblock & Adblock Plus. There are some other extensions such as uBlock also available in the market.

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AdBlock vs AdBlock Plus
AdBlock vs AdBlock Plus


Adblock vs Adblock Plus

Some people get confused between Adblock & Adblock Plus and consider both of them as same. But it’s not true Adblock & Adblock Plus are different entities. However, work of both is same which is Adblocking. If you want to support web developers then you must not use the Adblocker as ads are the only source of earning for the web owners. If you use the Adblockers then how web owners are supposed to generate revenue. If you see too much and annoying ads then you must use Adblocker but for normal ads and blogs, you shouldn’t use an adblocker.

Why Should You use an Adblocker?

If you are surfing the Internet and seeing unwanted or annoying ads which bother then you should use the Adblocker. But if you are reading blogs and seeing relevant ads then it is recommended not to use any Adblocker. Adblocker is highly recommended while visiting the  Movie Downloading Websites or Online Survey websites.

Another good thing about Adblocker is that Adblocker also blocks the Youtube ads which appears while watching the videos. Here in this article we will talk about two famous adblockers and give a detailed comparison of both these.

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Adblock was created by Gundlach solely for Google Chrome users as Extension. It was inspired by the Adblock Plus. In initial days it was available only for Google Chrome users but later after getting the good response, the developer released it’s other versions also for other browsers. There are various cool features also in this which makes it popular among people.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus was the first kind of adblocker for browser and at first, it was launched for the Firefox browser later it was launched for all mainstream browser. But Adblock took the advantage of that and Adblock was launched for the Chrome before Adblock Plus.

The good thing about Adblock Plus was that it could block the ads on Youtube Videos also and it had much more cool features as compared to Adblock. Adblock Plus is an open source and it was created by an online community who wanted to get rid of unwanted advertisements and a clean environment on the Internet.

Features: Adblock vs Adblock Plus

So, let’s talk about the features of both the Adblockers. However, both of the Adblockers have got unique features and very much popular among the Internet users. Both of the Adblockers has some similar features such as Whitelist, blacklist, tracking, bandwidth controls etc.

Both the Adblockers use the same ad filter which is Easylist. There are some advertisers who pay the Adblock or Adblock Plus not to get their ad-blocked. In these cases even if the user uses Adblocker ads will be shown. Adblock Plus has the easier navigation as compared to Adblock.

Performance: Adblock vs Adblock Plus

If we talk about the Performance of both of the Adblockers then I would like to say that both perform very good and the majority of both is to block ads. We know that there are some advertisers who pay both the Adblockers to get their ads white-listed in such case both of them do not perform well.

When we have multiple tabs opened in the Google Chrome or Firefox browser then the Adblock browser works a bit slow while Adblock Plus performs well when multiple tabs are opened. If you are a heavy user and uses multiple tabs then I must say that you should use Adblock Plus for that purpose.

Usability: Adblock vs Adblock Plus

When it comes to usability then a software should be Easy to Use and should have an easy User Interface with some cool design and navigation. Both the adblockers can be installed easily as the extension. If you want to disable the Adblocker then it can also be done with just a single click.

Adblock looks more user-friendly and shows you that how many ads are blocked on a particular page and has easier navigations menu. You can add those websites to whitelist where you don’t want to use the adblocker.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a reliable adblocker then both of the Adblocker are good and do not have much difference. But here I would like to add one thing that if you are a heavy user then you must use the Adblock Plus. If you take my personal opinion then also I’ll recommend you Adblock Plus. 

There are some other adblockers also on the market. Here I have shared the detailed comparison between uBlock vs Adblock. If you are having any query or trouble related to Adblocker or have any suggestion for the above comparison then please do let us know via the comments section below.

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