9 Things to Know Before Start Writing Statement of Purpose

9 Things to Know Before Start Writing Statement of Purpose

Applying to attend an educational institute can take a long time. There are so many documents to gather and then there is the dreaded statement of purpose. When you are writing statement of purpose, it is important to go in with a clear mind. You do not want to go about this the wrong way. There is already a lot of work that goes into this, you might as well do it right.

Before you embark on your journey of self-discovery through this SOP, there are some points to take note of. If you do not have a plan when writing your SOP, it can get away from you. When you have a solid foundation in the form of a plan, you are able to avoid a lot of common mistakes. Here are 9 things you should know before attempting to write your statement of purpose.


Schedule your time

Understand that you cannot write your Statement of Purpose in one sitting. There have been some people who can get this right, but it is not common. You are going to have to schedule your time effectively. A sop for mba can take you weeks to complete. Give yourself enough time to do it correctly and submit on time.

Clear on instructions

You can no longer send a generic SOP with all of your applications. Have a clear understanding of what is required for every application. It can be annoying to rewrite an SOP several times, but this is going to give you an advantage. All you want is to be accepted into the program you are applying for. This will get you closer to that goal.

Think about your audience

Know who your audience is and what would they like to see in your SOP. This is a general rule in writing, but it is even more important for your SOP. If you are writing a statement of interest internship consider the company and the reader.

Gather your tools

Start to get all of your tools ready before you start writing. Have your stationery and notes handy. You can waste a lot of time when you are unorganized. Having to take a break to look for a pen can be frustrating. We are doing most of our work on our computers these days, but there are still some necessary documents to gather.

Find online help

Don’t worry about your grammar or plagiarism issues. You can find online help with a lot of your concerns. Find a grammar checker and a plagiarism checker before your write. This way, you already enter the process with a calm mind.

Think about your angle

Don’t go for the obvious statement of purpose angles. The committee already knows you are passionate about the course. Instead, take some time thinking about how you want to communicate the same message, but in a more tactical way.


You have to outline every piece of writing that you do. This is your life story and you can miss a lot of meaningful parts. Avoid this by creating an outline. This is going to be your guide for when you start writing. Give yourself enough time during this phase.

Do a quick draft

Your statement of purpose needs to go through a few layers before it is perfect. Do a rough draft of your statement of purpose before you buckle up and do the real one. This is just to get your creative flow going. Forget about perfect grammar and structure for now. Just write everything you would like to include in your SOP. This together with your outline should be a solid foundation.


When we are stressed, we make a lot of mistakes. Even though this is an important essay, try and relax when you start writing. One of the reasons people are stressed is procrastination. If you scheduled your time correctly, you be relaxed through the process.

Do you have a plan for your Statement of Purpose?

Never go into writing without a drawn out plan. Don’t think about what other are doing. Eliminate all distractions when you are getting ready to write. Make sure you have enough time to produce high-quality work. If you need to hire someone to write your SOP, you should definitely consider it. Have someone else proofread your SOP before you submit. Keep your editing for when you have completed the first draft. All these tips should get you to your goals of being accepted into the program of your choice.

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