What Kind of Gamer Are You? 7 Types of Gaming Personalities and More

Have you ever wondered why there are similar games you just naturally gravitate toward despite the hundreds of hyped ones currently out? The answer to that may be your personality. Others may also argue that, if you haven’t been a gamer your whole life, your focus on it may not be as laser-point as that of others. Then there are those who say that it just depends on what kind of game you’re playing.

What Kind of Gamer Are You? 7 Types of Gaming Personalities and More

Whatever it is, the truth is there are many types of games out there that cater to different kinds of play styles. There are categories that perfect fit casual gamers that may bore other more “hard-core” players but are perfectly acceptable for those who play moderately in their own time.

For those in the know, gamer personality types can easily be distinguished from one another. Dive right in below to know what gaming personality you have and which games the best suit you.


Casual Gamer

Depending on where you stand, there are a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to casual gaming. Most people start as casual gamers, and some, whether due to circumstance, choice or belief, stop just there while some go super serious about gaming. Casual games are often played during free time and can easily be picked up from where you left off.

Casual games can be played on mobile phones and dedicated gaming PC. A good example of these games is those that don’t require an in-depth tutorial and can be played in small measures of time. There are casual games that have to save features, but a majority of them do not.

Some of the most famous casual games include word creation games, solitaire, jigsaw, trivia games, puzzle games, and even some strategy games. Nowadays, there are casual games that are web-based, and sometimes those turn competitive, especially when there is an online leaderboard where players of the same game can see who has the highest score worldwide. This is not to say that casual gaming is not challenging.

Here are is a list of challenging ones that you can download.

Hard-Core Gamers

This is another breed of gamers who take gaming seriously. If you are one, then you know you already know what you want in a game. It’s not the question of what games you should play, but rather, it’s how you can ace every achievement there is.

It takes time, effort, and massive dedication to become a hard-core gamer because not only do they eat, breathe, and sleep their video games, but they also most likely know every bit of trivia there is to know about their game.

The term hard-core means differently to everyone. Some say that they’re hard-core gamers because they don’t use cheats or tutorials for particular games. Others say they’re hard-core because they pour hundreds to thousands of hours into a game because, even though they’re bad at it, they still keep playing.

Hard-core gamers have a diverse taste in games out there, so it can be a tad difficult to pinpoint which games should be considered to be a staple for hard-core gamers. Some prefer more modern ones, while others don’t really care if the game they want has good graphics or not. These games can be played on the PS4, Xbox One, mobile consoles, and on the PC.

If you feel you’re up to the challenge of hard-core gaming, check out this article for ideas on what to play.

Pro/Streaming Gamers

These gamers are often considered hard-core because they already have the knowledge and technical know-how to win a game. The main difference they have with hard-core gamers is that they have an audience.

Professional gamers make a lot of money when they win competitions, and others have a platform to stream their progress with an audience. More often than not, the two can be intertwined.

Esports is booming recently, and while there are spectators for different kinds of genres, the games that are competitively played for are on the PC. Most pros and streamers actually have a variant of high-end gaming computers they use because these can support the games and a number of functions, like streaming and even video editing. This is not to say that you must have the most expensive pieces of hardware out there as there are components that are affordable and still can deliver good performance.

A gaming rig, peripherals, and other accessories are essential for gamers because the system is dedicated to playing video games at the highest possible resolution and sound. Apart from this, you need to also have a good-quality camera and microphone to interact with the audience. Streamers, especially, need a good internet connection for quality streaming.

Pro players already have tournaments where fans can watch them play the game they excel at. Streamers usually go to streaming platforms and build their audience there. If you enjoy having an audience when playing or are interested in what pros competitively play for, here the top games on Twitch.

Other Mentionables

The list above encompasses such a wide scope of the gamers who are out there today. Gamers can play anything they want, but there are those who are dedicated to a specific genre, and sometimes it could be because they are exceptional at it.

Here are some gaming personalities you should definitely know about:

Old-school/retro gamers. These are gamers who have a fondness for old-school or retro games. They are huge fans of classics that were made in the ’80s and ’90s and whose titles have been immortalized in the gaming hall of fame. Some of the most well-known games that retro gamers love to play include Contra, Galaga, Super Mario Bros., Dig Dug, Battle City, and many more.

Most of these games can be played on PC emulators, but some of the most devoted retro gamers have a collection of old-school consoles with the cartridges and everything. They often play their collections in their original versions or safe keep them.

These people have different reasons for sticking to the classics, but one known basis is that they love the nostalgia that comes with plink-plonking their way through the game as they did in their childhood.

Explorers/RPG lovers. Role-playing games, or RPG, are a popular genre where players take the roles of specific characters in a fictional setting. There is a lot of learning and exploring in this type of games, so that is why it is closely intertwined to explorers. If you love playing with objectives and getting the rewards after fighting for them, then you are probably an RPG lover yourself.

Most RPGs are driven by the story or a character, and you know more about the game as you go along. There are also countless items that need to be collected, including armor, weapons, and even spells, depending on the setting of the game. Apart from that, there is also the feature of leveling up your character in order to unlock quests or defeat enemies, so it is inevitable to put in hundreds to thousands of hours to accomplish missions.

Trophy hunters. For this type of gamer, it doesn’t matter if they finished the game. They have a need to unlock every achievement that the game offers. They possess skills and determination to get all the in-game trophies to showcase that they’ve “completed” the game.

Not everyone is a completionist, though, as there are others who would rather gather trophies as they play and move on to the next.

Co-op/social gamers. Thanks to the internet and respective gaming technology, gamers all over the world can be connected. There is a specific gaming culture where social gamers thrive through their interaction with others.

Others partner up because there are some games that require two or more people to form a “party.” Some games are also easier to play when there are a lot of people helping one another in the form of quests and many others.


So what is your gaming personality, or which types of games do you naturally find yourself going for? There are a lot more that have not been tackled in the list above as new ways are being made to diversify gaming culture and gaming itself. You are not bound by one category, so if you’re unsure which type you fall under, it’s all right just as long as you do what you do best—having fun.

What do you think of the list above? Share your thoughts below.

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