7 Questions to Ask Your Local Junk Removers

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably having a lot of questions unsolved, which come with unwanted items. Is one of those about what to ask before hiring a removal company? If yes, you’re at the right place.

You are a blacksmith that frequently works with metals. Or, you’re a decoration lover that loves redecorating your furniture once in a while. However, you struggle to find the right company to get the work done. You expected to come to them to receive great service but ended up disappointed. At that point, it’s already too late to choose someone else. It’s even unclear sometimes when you’re looking for a certified junk removal company. (So, do you want to take a look at a service like this company which is certified and thorough?)

Therefore, coming up with the right set of questions before reaching a company is critical. It gives you a clear in-depth of who you work with. So, Jiffy Junk is here to help you out with that. We’re going to show you the 8-question set that you must ask before jumping into the business.

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Ask Them the Type of Junk That They Take

It’s important to know if you’ve got the right scrap for a specific removal company. Some services may do everything but others only specialize in a certain range of categories.

Knowing this is essential for both ends because it relates to crucial permits and licenses. Especially with household hazardous waste such as household chemicals, paints, etc. which are much more complicated in terms of paperwork.

Normally, most professional companies would explain to you their policies and restrictions. However, it’s always a step forward to make sure you’re talking to the right person.

Ask if They’re Licensed

Being licensed comes with a lot of things:

  • Are they qualified according to the government’s laws?
  • Is the company more professional than unqualified ones?
  • Does the company prioritize high-quality service?
  • That company knows how to keep their promises

A licensed business has systematic procedures to get the job done smoothly. Many times I see people hiring an unlicensed removal service and end up with more problems. They hauled away stuff at a random location on the street. Not only does it make them do more to finish what’s left but it costs more than the amount they were supposed to pay.

Also, a company that is licensed comes with well-trained employees. They will ensure not to do any harm to your property while collecting junk and clearing out your place. Customer service at l agencies is another important point worth noticing. A licensed junk removal company also supports you as much as it could to provide you with peace of mind.

Ask if They’ve Got Insurance

A licensed service ought to have insurance. It’s for the sake of their own business, and your safety too. Unlike many other junk removal businesses that are not licensed, they always leave a fuss that remains unsolved. Especially when something is accidentally broken, you know who will have to pay for that. It’s you. These services will do everything so that they can get away.

You’re planning to get rid of your problems, not making more. Therefore, ask the customer service of that company about their insurance policy and do your research carefully before coming to a junk removal company for business.

Ask Them How They Charge

This is the most basic question. And I bet most would ask this right before jumping right into business. Also, many would feel happy when they see a cheap service. However, many businesses with cheap pricing might be suspicious. Some junk removal services are willing to do business with cheap pricing because they’re not qualified, and they’re running their company illegally. They might get rid of your junk by dropping it somewhere on the street. So, cheap isn’t always a good solution. Don’t trust it yet after you hear it. Don’t forget to put out some serious questions about their business.

Moreover, Different services have different pricing, since they’re competitive. Therefore, search deeper into this information to look for the best one out there. (As long as it’s the price you can afford and are willing to follow, it’s the decent one).

Pricing also depends on the category you’re choosing. Oftentimes that junk removal company will explain it all for you. But you don’t lose anything when you feel like asking it, or when you think that they haven’t mentioned it.

Ask How They Dispose of Your Junk

It’s all about protecting the environment when it comes to junk removal. Most of the services in the world focus on coming up with the right plan to deal with junk in the most eco-friendly way. And for sure, I know you expect to work with a business that enjoys embracing the environment as you do.

A professional service will donate, recycle, and reuse most of the junk we haul away. However, it depends on the policies of that junk removal company. Therefore, it’s always an essential step to ask them their method. You will feel much more at ease after hearing that they’re running an eco-friendly business.

Ask if They’ve Got Anyone to Do All the Heavy Lifting

Most companies send staff to your place to get rid of your heavy lifting problems. However, it’s not always the case for all other companies. Some require their clients to take all the scrap to a certain destination so that they can pick them up.

Also, there are cases when the company sends to your place their staff to collect stuff without telling you. Seeing some strangers in front of your house is frustrating. Plus, if they come without informing you in advance, you will have to make a phone call again to ask for a confirmation. It’s a waste of time and you shouldn’t go through any of this. Also, you will need to know exactly the staff’s name as well to recognize them. Bad guys might manipulate this opportunity to break into your house. Who knows right?

Professional companies like Jiffy Junk will make sure that the customer service informs you 1 – 2 days ahead so that you can arrange your schedule.

Ask How Quickly They Can Finish the Job

This seems to be an optional question but it’s important in most cases. Since a company might be dealing with other clients at the same time, it’s best to know when they will show up and how long it takes them to wrap up everything. It’s also a good way for you to arrange your schedule. You might be a busy person and you’re not home most of the time.

Parting Words On Junk Removal Questions

Finally, knowing the specific time to perform the removal is quite essential for a smooth removal process. So creating the right strategy is always the best way to move forward with any disposal process.

I hope the questions above will help you out the next time you reach any junk removal services. Make sure to follow Jiffy Junk for more useful information.

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