7 Popular Social Media Sites 2021

Today, there is plenty of movement on social media sites. There are numerous social media platforms. But in this article, we shall look at the most popular social channels in 2021.

Facebook is one of the social media channels with a higher number of users. It is still the dominant platform – although TikTok has the fastest growth ever. It was launched five years ago, but this video-based platform is among the topmost monthly active users. Instagram has shown impressive growth but ranks fourth behind Facebook and YouTube.

It, therefore, means that brands can now reach the audience. This is an advantage because the choice of these social channels continues to grow and shift. For a brand to become popular, it must gain attention in your target demographic. For some years, Facebook was the most-used channel for advertising, but today people have migrated to others like Instagram. When you register on, let’s say, Facebook, try to accumulate Facebook likes so the marketing can be successful. It’s about numbers after all.

With that in mind, you need to know the right channel to invest your time – to spend on ads. The right thing to do is choose the right audience. In this article, we shall look at favorable social media channels 2021.

Let’s get started:



Facebook is the most popular platform across the world. Despite this channel-changing demographic, with your industry or business niche, there is a space on Facebook. However, there are some leading industries on this platform: e-commerce, financial services, entertainment, gaming, telecom, media, consumer goods, automotive, and media. As mentioned above try to gain Facebook likes so your business can take off.


This is another popular social media platform launched in 2005. It is an original video social channel that boasts market dominance as the second-highest number of users – about 2 billion active users.

The potential for the reach is unrivaled because, in the United States, over 73% of adults use this platform. The numbers can’t, therefore, be ignored with marketing. In addition, it is the only channel with a strong base of all age groups.


The other common type of social media channel is Whatsapp. This channel was launched in 2009 and has continued to garner more users. Today, the channel has over 2 billion active users. In addition, this channel remains a popular platform for social messaging. It has performed better than Facebook.


This social media marketing platform has provided influencers, coaches, and product-based businesses a chance to thrive. When it introduced shoppable posts, the ROI for product-based companies increased more than ever.

Perhaps in your business, you want to target an audience under 35; this social media channel is a gold mine. Over 75% of the users are aged between 18 – 24 years.


TikTok remains the leader for short-form mobile video. The company wants to inspire creativity among the youths and bring joy. The channel has struck a chord, yet it’s the youngest in the market. But the good thing that makes it effective for marketing, is that TikTok has had incredible growth.


Snapchat is a suitable marketing channel for businesses that target the young demographic. In this channel, the most active users are13-year old, and they can spend an average of 30 minutes on the app in a day.

This social channel is a haven for behind-the-scenes videos, user-generated content, influencers and exclusive offers.


Reddit remains the top most visited site. This social media channel has a blend of content and the community uniquely. In addition, it has over 150,000 communities that are dedicated to the imaginable topic. The many niches available gives a chance for any business or brand. So, it’s upon you to pick the place where potential customers dive in or are active. Unfortunately, this is a fickle place; therefore, it won’t agree on blatant self-promotion.


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