5 Tricks To Get More Instagram Followers

Social media is king on the internet. With 111 million active monthly users on Instagram (IG), people are coming together to stay connected with friends, share life events, and/or bring awareness to their brand. Your popularity on social media is determined by your followers and could impact your social media objective. How many people want your story in their news feed? If you’re struggling to get followers or looking to expand your brand visibility, learn how the following five tricks can help.  If you would like an easy way to get free Instagram followers, you must try GetInsta.


Know How the Instagram Algorithm Works


The IG algorithm doesn’t just analyze and distribute content based on who you follow. Your likes and interactions also make up what appears in your feed. Traditionally, story views appear in reverse chronological order until the story gets 50 views. After 50 views, the story is moved further up in the feed. A large following can increase your views and keep your story high in the social que. Upleap can also be an opportunity to gain new followers.

Keep Your Content Fresh and Authentic 

IG users are attracted to current and authentic content. In fact, your element of content is what attracts your followers. If you’re managing a brand, it’s important to be authentic to keep your audience engaged and consistently sharing your brand content. Although parody accounts are popular on Instagram, most followers prefer current visual content about you.

What is considered fresh and engaging content? How do you create authentic content? The following are tips to help you create engaging, authentic content:

  • Be consistent.
  • Brand your visual voice.
  • Diversify content mix.
  • Choose quality over quantity.
  • Find out what your audience likes.
  • Test run your content.
  • Give your IG page curb appeal.

Share Your IGTV Story 

IGTV is great tool for making current videos to share with your friends and family. Today, social media users find video content entertaining and more engaging than traditional content. You have an opportunity to create videos between 15 seconds and 60 minutes (for verified account users). With this new IG feature, you can start your own IGTV channel and expand your visibility and attract new viewers, who may eventually become followers. IGTV is also a great tool to retain and engage your current following too.

Add Your Name to a Social Media Pool

Websites like SocialFollow allow you to create a profile, add your IG username, and share IG content with their online community to gain followers. Some websites offer the completion of micro tasks in exchange for followers.

Hire a Professional Social Media Manager

Social media management resources can help you reach a large audience. You can gain followers and utilize other key social media tools with an expert social media manager there to help. Many people agree that social media management pays for itself over time.

Keep your audience engaged, so you can gain more followers on social media. You can attract millions of followers on IG with the right content. Once you’ve gained new followers, be sure to keep them coming back for more with authentic content. Represent your popularity on Instagram, and have fun gaining new friends and meeting new people!

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