5 Reasons Why You Should Start Vlogging In 2018

Vlogging is taking the internet by storm and now accounts for more than 50% of all web traffic. This figure continues to grow. While vlogging has been around for some time, it has recently exploded and become the medium of choice for many online users. According to WordTree, online marketing is a challenging and ever-changing field and companies have to constantly innovate and adapt in order to remain relevant and visible. Vlogging is a powerful and effective way to reach and engage with your target market.

People have a short attention span online and skim through text, taking in very little information. Vlogs are entertaining and engaging and are the perfect way to get your message across.


What is a Vlog?

For those still not 100% sure, a vlog is simply a blog in a video format. Let’s take a look at why it is important you include vlogs in your content and digital marketing.

Engage your audience

As mentioned above, people are bombarded with a huge amount of information and content on a daily basis that they can never pay attention to the majority of it. Vlogs, on the other hand, are novel and entertaining. As a result, they are way more likely to interest and engage your target market and an ideal way to talk to your potential customers.

Humanize your company and brand

Vlogs are more real and personal than a written blog. They make your brand and company more real to the viewer. This increases trust and gives the content more credibility. It improves the likability of the company.

Viewers get to see real people delivering the message which has a more positive impact on the viewer than the reader of a blog.

Increase SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still extremely important to ensure your website and content is easy to find and highly visible. Organic SEO still accounts for the majority of website traffic. Because vlogs are so likable, they are more likely to be shared and linked to. This will give your SEO a great boost and improve traffic to your website.

Establishing a YouTube channel will furtherenhance your SEO. Google has the vast majority of the searchengine market share and they own YouTube. The better your presence on YouTube, which can be built with vlogs, the better your Google search results will be.

Vlogs are easy and inexpensive to create

While fancy corporate videos canbe extremely expensive, vlogs are relatively cheap to create. You can get staff involved to get a realistic personal touch and they are, after all, the experts on your company and products or service. A YouTube channel is also fairlyeasy to maintain.

YouTube marketing is an extremely powerful platform and many companies are using it with great success. It is by far the biggest and best video sharing platform and is now the second largest searchengine.It is entertaining and engaging and provides a great means of reaching out to customers and potential customers. What makes it even more effective is having a vast number of comments on your YouTube vlog posts. There are companies that specialize in social media marketing and provide comments YouTube marketing. This will increase the effectiveness and reach of the vlog.

Given the size and strength of YouTube, it is essential that YouTube marketing forms a strategic part of your online marketing strategy. It is simply too important to be ignored.

Although vlogging is quite easy, if you do not have experience in this field, it is always advisable to make use of professionals who have studied the medium and have experience in company vlogging.

Vlogging is free

While you might have to spend a bit of money initially on a decent vlogging camera and possibly some professional guidance in the beginning, vlogging is essentially free. While most companies outsource their content writing and pay for it, vlogging can be done in-house at no cost. It is also a lot faster than writing or outsourcing content writing as a vlog can be put together relatively quickly.

Sure you still need a bit of a script or key points to follow but as it is being created by the experts on the subject, it is much faster than someone writing out a blog.

Final thoughts

Vlogging itself is a powerful and exciting way to reach your audience. YouTube marketing is growing rapidly and proving to be extremely successful at attracting traffic and getting conversions. These aspects of digital marketing are important to your online marketing and ultimately the future success of your business.

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