The 5 Most Common SEO Myths

It is time to leave behind the myths that belonged to the previous year. We are stepping into a new year soon and we should embrace the facts instead of the common myths. Today, we are going to talk about the 5 Common SEO Myths that do not allow your business to reach new heights. It is about time to uncover the real facts. We have prepared a short and sweet list of the 5 most common SEO myths that content marketers must know! Bloggers and content marketers must read this as this will help you to NOT make the same mistakes again. Read on to find out.

5 most common seo myths


Myth #1 Blogs help Search Engine Optimization

Half the population thinks that placing a well-written blog will increase the traffic on your website. Placing keywords in the blog and the presence of it does not make your website strong. You can use Moz Pro to check the strength of your website. Do not assume that your website is strong because you have blogs on the site. Once you check the domain authority and it is high, you should place internal blogs. If your site has a low rating on the domain authority, you should work on marketing your website. How about posting on other sites and link back those blogs to your website? You can also advertise your website on Facebook. Commenting on other blogs is another way to get attention.

Myth #2 All Backlinks ARE not the same

Building good backlinks is important. The backlinks that you create should be authentic, informative, natural and industry-based. All the backlinks are not the same because some cause damage as they are spammy backlinks. Creating a hyperlink on Twitter or Facebook will not fetch you great rankings. You should learn to create good backlinks to get visibility. You can hire a freelance writer from Contentmart, who is proficient with the technicalities of building backlinks and SEO writing. They can help you publish quality content that will be loved by the readers on your website or blog.

Myth #3 Do you have any contact at Google?

Some SEO professionals can go to any extent to make you believe that they have contact with Google. Lies are like a web and it is better to NOT go for this one. Google does not possess employees, who can help SEO professionals with businesses. The next time someone says that they have contact with someone working with Google, you should nod your head and find someone else to work on your site. You need a Local SEO Consultant to make your website visible and not false hopes.

Myth #4 Let’s stuff keywords and become successful


We have heard this myth many times and it does not work at all. Google has become smart over the years and it is looking for sites that are authoritative. You should get visitors on your site and stuffing keywords will not help you a lot. Stuffing keywords leads to over spamming which is not good for your website. Hire a writer, who possesses the knowledge of making the piece of text less waterly and not overspammy. The keywords should fit in the article in a natural way. Are you worried about spending too much on a good writer? You can hire a writer from Contentmart as the services are reasonable and efficient at this online content marketplace.

Myth #5 Pay $99 and get on Page 1 of Google

seo myths

Anybody reading this would relate to it because we all get calls and emails which claim that your site can be on Page 1 in just $99. Your money is hard-earned and we are your well-wishers. It is not as easy as you think it is! These companies will harm your website by creating spammy backlinks. You need a strategy and not find an easy way out. Wasting your money on such false claims will harm your website and do no good. Find a good writer, who can work with you to build a strategy for your site.

Final Verdict

blogging myths

It is time that you should not believe in myths and start listening to facts. As a content marketer or blogger, you should know about the latest trends and facts. The last thing you want is getting a manual penalty from Google. It will be harmful for your site. Invest in a good writer and hire an SEO expert, who knows about the latest trends. Contentmart is a content writing company which offers unmatched SEO writing services. In order to create a website that is popular, you need to invest a small amount. Do not repeat the same mistakes and do not believe in myths that we have mentioned above. You need a good SEO strategy and not waste $99 on false claims. Be wise and hire an SEO expert!

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