5 Essential Tips for Shipping Tables and Chairs Safely and Securely

5 Essential Tips for Shipping Tables and Chairs Safely and Securely

Shipping furniture, especially tables and chairs, can be a daunting task. These items are large, bulky, and often fragile, which means that they require special care and attention during the shipping process. Whether you’re shipping tables and chairs for personal or business purposes, it’s important to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely and securely. Here, we will discuss five essential tips for shipping tables and chairs safely and securely.


1. Choose the Right Packaging Materials

The first step in shipping tables and chairs safely is to choose the right packaging materials. You should use high-quality packaging materials such as sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and packing tape. The cardboard boxes should be strong enough to support the weight of the furniture without collapsing during transport. Bubble wrap should be used to protect the fragile parts of the furniture, such as legs and arms, while packing peanuts can be used to fill any empty spaces in the boxes.

In addition to these materials, you should also consider using furniture blankets or pads to protect the furniture during transit. These blankets are designed to cushion the furniture and prevent it from getting scratched or damaged. Finally, make sure you have plenty of packing tape on hand to seal the boxes securely and prevent them from opening during transport.

2. Disassemble the Furniture

One of the best ways to ensure that your tables and chairs arrive safely is to disassemble them before shipping. This means removing legs, arms, and other detachable parts, and packing them separately. Disassembling the furniture will make it easier to pack and transport, and it will also reduce the risk of damage during transit. You should keep all the hardware, screws, and bolts in a separate bag or container and label it clearly so that you can easily reassemble the furniture at the other end.

Before disassembling the furniture, take photos of the furniture from different angles, so you know how to put it back together once it arrives. You can also use these photos to document any pre-existing damage to the furniture, which will be helpful in case you need to file a claim with the shipping company.

3. Label the Boxes Clearly

Labeling the boxes clearly is another important step in shipping tables and chairs safely. You should label each box with the contents, such as “Table Top,” “Table Legs,” or “Chair Arms,” so that the shippers can handle them with care. You should also label the boxes with your name, address, and phone number, as well as the recipient’s information.

It’s also a good idea to label the boxes with instructions on how to handle the furniture, such as “Fragile” or “This End Up.” This will help ensure that the shippers handle the furniture with care and reduce the risk of damage during transit.

4. Choose the Right Shipping Method

Choosing the right shipping method is crucial when it comes to shipping tables and chairs safely. You should choose a reputable shipping company that specializes in furniture shipping and offers insurance coverage for your shipment. You can also consider using a white-glove delivery service, which offers door-to-door delivery, unpacking, and assembly services for furniture.

When choosing the shipping method, consider the distance, time frame, and cost of the shipment. It’s also important to check the shipping company’s policies regarding furniture shipping, including their restrictions on size, weight, and packaging. Visit Shiply to get quotes to move a table.

5. Inspect the Furniture Upon Arrival

Finally, once your tables and chairs have arrived at their destination, it’s important to inspect them carefully for any damage or missing parts. If you notice any damage or missing parts, take photos and document the damage immediately. Contact the shipping company and file a claim as soon as possible to ensure that you receive compensation for any damage or losses.


Shipping tables and chairs safely and securely requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can ensure that your furniture arrives at its destination without any damage or losses. Remember to choose the right packaging materials, disassemble the furniture, label the boxes clearly, choose the right shipping method, and inspect the furniture upon arrival. With these essential tips, you can ship your tables and chairs with confidence, knowing that they are in good hands.


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