4 Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password

“It was only few days ago, that I had set password for my Windows 10 Laptop, but now it says the password wrong. I must have forgotten it. What to do now, please update.”

If you are one of them updating these requests hoping for someone drop an accurate, genuine answer at your comment box, then keep waiting. But if you value your time, don’t waste your time upon such fanatical implications. Practically saying, there are whole lot of solutions available to reset Windows 10 passwords, hovering around the internet, but finding a single solution, both usable and easy, is indeed a big task.

And this is where you need guidance, and here we are. This article today is solely intended to guide you intense seekers looking for adequate answers to reset Windows 10 administrator or screen login password.


Method 1: Reset Windows 10 Password with Password Reset Disk

This is a method which can be only be put to useful means if you had created reset disk before you lost your password, otherwise this method will not lead you to anywhere. So before you start using this method in literal terms, make sure to assert that you have the password reset disk. if you have one, you can follow this steps to create a password reset disk.

Let’s just say you have it, and this is the rightful opportunity to use it in actual practice.

To begin with, connect your flash drive or CD/DVD stored with the already created Password Reset disk and power on your Laptop.

When the sign in page steps, choose “Reset Password” link and the “Forgotten Password wizard” gets launched.

password disk 1.jpeg

With the help of “Next” button, skip over to the next page where you can now reset the password of your locked account.


Okay done now?

So restart your Gateway laptop now and enter the newly created credential and if everything goes right, you are already in.

password disk 2.jpeg

There are several other anomalies like the password reset disk does not work with domain, Microsoft, root accounts, which is why it is discarded during caveat conditions.

Method #2: Reset Windows 10 Password with PassCue for Windows

If you are seriously drained out for futile attempts for not using a third party tool, then now it’s time that you give in to using it. And when it comes to a tool, where you are letting in outside contents to your system, you need to be cautious about your invocation. Keeping that in note. Here we will recommend PassCue for Windows to help you reset Windows 10 password, it works in WinPE mode and detect the SAM file which saved Windows accounts information, then the program will modify it automatically. Then the password will be removed.

You can check out the specifications here also to be sure about it before using it:

  • Supports XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10/ 2012/ 2016, etc.
  • FAT 16/ FAT 32/ NTFS/ NTFSS files system are also supported.
  • All kinds of Hard disks, be it RAID< SATA, SSD, HDD find pure compatibility with this tool.
  • No hassle of extra additional tool support.
  • No malware or virus issue.
  • Technical support is at your doorstep anytime.

Step 1. Got to Passcue official site (https://www.passcue.com/) to download latest Windows password recovery software. But you first need to prepare yourself with a spare operational computer and a completely empty disk for bootable disk creation. Once you have arranged all the requisites, set out first to download the tool online. Use the installation instructions to install it normally.

Step 2. Choose the type of media or disk you are about to connect in, and then connect the disk in actual terms.

Step 3. t will be recognized instantly by the tool. Now; comes the next step of burning ISO images. Choose your burning option according to your disk option.

Step 4. After the burning completion, take out the disk and reconnect it with the locked Windows laptop. It will take some time before the program loads, but make sure that the boot order is sequenced to allow the loading from the inserted disk to happen.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\38\New folder\2.JPG

Step 5. Select your OS from the next page and then your locked user account. Choose “Reset Password” and then “Reboot” options below it to roll in the Password resetting process.

This time when the screen turns on, you will not see any password restriction, but the direct swift entry to the account home screen.

Download PassCue for Windows

Method #3: Reset Windows 10 Password with Command in Safe Mode

In Safe mode, all your heavy system tools and feature become mostly inactive and break the dormancy of restrictions with only few essential tools. It is usually used for troubleshooting computers or laptops, but here we would use Safe mode to reset laptop password. If you failed to boot from safe mode, take a look at this article to learn how to boot Windows 10 from safe mode..

Boot your Windows 10 laptop, when it starts to glow just before the loading screen appears, press F8 hotkey long enough to access the Advanced Boot Options page.

Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and hit “Enter”.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\47\New folder\1.png

Now you have to wait while your Windows OS loads the necessary booting files till the login screen appears.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\47\New folder\2.png

Sign in with any extra admin account or any guest account and the CMD black box would come to view automatically.

Here now type in “net user” and all the registered user accounts will be delivered to your screen for check.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\47\New folder\3.png

Choose the account which is locked and type net user account name password, for instance net user fuzi 123.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\47\New folder\4.png

Enter your ThinkPad laptop with a new password you just set and you will get clear access without any interruption.

Method #2: Reset Windows 10 Password with Windows Install CD

You must have still got the Windows install CD since you purchased your Laptop, right? We all do. But what mistake we do is that we only take the install tool for installation Windows alone. Rarely do we know that it can also be used to reset Windows 10 passwords for locked admin accounts. And this is exactly how we are going to deal with the locked down situation here. You can also install Windows with USB.

Collect your Windows CD tool and boot your locked Windows laptop with it.

Click “Next” and then “Install Now” from the next screen that follows. Follow the installation wizard of Windows step by step to carry out the entire installation.

All your stored data in the locked laptop will be wiped out once and for all including the password, and you become free now to enter your laptop without any password restriction further.

C:\Users\Manojit\Desktop\work again\47\New folder\5.png

Later on, you can create a new password for your safety.


After you have finished reading the article contents, take some time to re-evaluate which method will be the most suitable one to reset admin or login password on Windows 10. According to use, PassCue for Windows would be the best choice for a long run guaranteed result, but if you wish to try something new in your venture you can certainly try the first two methods as well.

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