4 Tips to Improve Foot Health


While most people need their feet to move around, they don’t always give their feet the care and attention they deserve. Your feet are like any other part of your body; if you ignore them for long enough, they will start to cause you problems. From bunions to stiff muscles, your feet can be a source of a lot of pain and discomfort — if you don’t take the right steps to keep them in good condition.

It is also important to note that your feet (like the rest of your body) will not stay young forever. Your feet will age with you, which often comes with even more complications. However, if you work to keep your feet in good health, you can avoid or delay many of these issues later in life. So, let’s take a closer look at 4 tips to improve foot health!

Visit a Podiatrist Regularly

Most people don’t visit their podiatrist unless they have no other choice. For example, if you get a serious injury to your foot or you need to figure out how to get rid of Tailor’s Bunion, you may look for help at Northwest Surgery Center or visit your trusted podiatrist. However, you shouldn’t just rely on your podiatrist for specific ailments. Instead, you should try to make regular visits to your podiatrist to make sure that your feet are in good health.

Of course, depending on what your health insurance covers, these visits could get expensive. So, you will need to decide how often you actually need to make these visits. In general, you should plan to visit your podiatrist at least once every two or three years for a check-up.

Stay Physically Active (But Don’t Overdo It)

Contrary to popular belief, living an active lifestyle is not bad for your feet. In fact, living a sedentary lifestyle can actually do more harm, especially if it causes you to gain weight (putting more pressure on your knees and feet). Additionally, if your feet are accustomed to moving around, then you are less likely to experience injuries.

However, if you don’t move a lot and suddenly try to be active, the muscles and joints in your feet may protest. For this reason, you should try to keep an active lifestyle to keep a healthy weight, without going over the top. In other words, stay moving for your health, but try to avoid high-intensity sports or similar activities that could increase the risk of injury.

Invest in Comfortable Footwear

The value of good footwear cannot be overstated. Many people wear uncomfortable shoes simply because they are fashionable (like high heels), but this can do untold, long-term damage to your feet. Even some types of comfortable shoes, like flip-flops, may not give your feet the support they need. This is why most podiatrists and feet experts recommend good tennis shoes with ample arch support.

Practice Good Hygiene

Finally, you should make an extra effort to keep your feet clean. This means washing your feet every day and after workouts. However, keeping your feet dry is just as important as keeping them clean. So, after washing your feet, make sure to dry them well, especially the areas between your toes. This will help you avoid issues like foot fungus.


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