4 Simple Solutions For Headphones Not Visible On Playback Devices

Many of you must have experienced the problem where your headsets don’t show up under the option of playback devices. Many people have reported this particular problem when they have tried to connect their headset on Windows. So, what is the best solution for this problem? Here is a short guide that would help you do away with this problem.

The Best Solutions To The Problem

Following are the four best solutions:

  • Check For The Connection And Other Hardware Problem

People sometimes panic due to the headphones not visible on playback devices without checking this very important thing. Sometimes the problem can be as small as a loose connection of the headphone in the jack. Rectifying the loose connection problem would do away with the problem instantly. Also, you can double-check your headphones by trying to connect to a smartphone or any other device to make sure that there is no problem with the headphone.

  • Resetting The Audio Driver

To do this, you simply need to open the device manager and then click on the option that says audio, sound, and game controllers. As soon as you see the Audio Driver option, simply uninstall the same and proceed. Now, you need to reboot your system and then install the Audio driver again. This is one of the reasons for the problem of headphones not showing on playback devices. If the problem persists, you can choose another solution.

  • Switching On The Stereo Mix

It happens sometimes that the stereo mix is not activated and outs may turn out to be the reason for the connection problem in your headphones. So, you should very necessarily check after switching on the stereo mix.

For doing the same, you first need to select the sound icon that is available on the taskbar. Upon clicking sound, you need to go to the recording option for moving further. Now, you are supposed to click on the disconnected devices and disabled devices. As soon as you see the stereo mix option, enables the same and you are done. There is a high possibility that your problem is solved with this but if it still doesn’t, there are still many solutions left.

If you have carefully connected your headphones and you have tried all the above solutions, don’t forget to check on the activation of your playback device. This may be the real problem after all. To activate your playback device, you first need to open the Control Panel of your windows. As soon as you open the same, select the sound option among various options available.

Under the sound tab, check on the disabled devices and see if your playback device is listed under that. If yes, then select the device and then click on enable and that’s it. Just click on apply settings and close the control panel. If this is also not the problem, give it a try on the below-mentioned solutions.

  • Deactivate the jack detection on the front panel

For doing this thing, you need to open My Computer and then Program Files at first. Now, you need to locate a few options, namely; Realtek and HD Audio. As soon as you locate and click on this option, you will locate a folder option that appears on the top-left-hand side. On the folder option, you need to click on the box showing a tick and labeled as front panel jack detection. This disables the jack detection which may, in turn, result in the solution of your problem.

This is the last possible solution for you if all the above did not work out for your problem. In this, you need to start with opening the device manager and searching for appwiz.Cpl. Now, you will see the Realtek Sound option that appears. Now, explore the option by performing a right-click and uninstall this sound software. This may end the problem of your headphones not visible on playback devices.

If you ever face this irritating problem, most of the time it is the connection and hardware problem. However, there are chances that your device is facing a rare problem. All the possible solutions are mentioned above and all the options are very easy.

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