3 Habits of Highly Effective Artists

There’s no question about it; artists make the world a better place with their creativity and passion! Many make being an artist their lifelong profession, whereas others do it as a hobby. Whether you’re a pro or not, you should still practice some essential habits to thrive.

Before I dive into the habits to perfect, here are a few examples of different types of artists:

  • Photographers
  • Painters
  • Sculptors
  • Illustrators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Calligraphers
  • Printmakers

If you’re an artist or are thinking of becoming one, you may wonder which habits to instill into your daily life. Here are five habits highly effective artists practice to continue to be inventive!


1. They Stay Dedicated to Their Craft

As an artist, even if you’re talented, it’ll still take time to perfect your craft. It’s true that well-known artists didn’t get to where they’re at today without staying dedicated.

Create a Schedule

To get into the habit of focusing on your artwork, I recommend creating a schedule. If you’re busy and have a full-time job, carve out a few hours each night to work on a drawing, for example. If you don’t have a few hours, even half an hour a day can help.

Stay Accountable to a Group

Artists learn from other artists, so if you haven’t done so yet, join a group! If you desire to run your own business, joining a group is imperative to your success. They’re excellent for offering suggestions, answering questions, and being a cheerleader.

The more you focus on your craft, the better you’ll become. Setting up a schedule and being a part of a group will enable you to zero in on your art.

In time, your skills will improve, and you’ll get excited that you’re on your way to becoming an exceptional artist!

2. They Take Time off to Find Inspiration

Being an artist means always looking for ways to stay inspired. Sometimes, you may have so many ideas you don’t know what to do with them all. Other times, you may draw a blank and don’t know where to start.

You can’t expect to stay inspired 24/7. Even the most talented artists need a break! So, take time off regularly so you can recharge your batteries and come up with new and exciting ideas.

While taking a breather from painting or whatever else you’re focusing on, do something you love. It could be something as simple as rollerblading around the neighborhood. Or, you could play a favorite game!

3. They Look for Ways to Share Their Art

As an artist, you should be proud of your skills! So don’t be afraid to showcase it online or in person (or both)!

Showcase Your Art at Home

If you’re a photographer, you could frame your favorite photos and hang them on the wall! And if you’re a sculptor, proudly display a famous sculpture in your living room, for example.

There are other fun ways to infuse your artwork and complementing colors in your home as well.

Say you decide to hang one of your well-known forest photos. After hanging a photo, you could add complementing colors throughout your interior.

You could even go so far as to select a gaming controller skin that speaks to your personality. Mighty Skins has an excellent selection of artistic skins. Choose from various colors and patterns (like camo) that will blend in with your artwork!

As an artist, you’ll appreciate being able to add your artistic touch to your home and even your electronics!

Promote Your Art on Facebook and Instagram

Promoting your artwork online is easy, thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram! Set up either a personal or business profile to post your latest artwork.

Gain enough followers, and you may want to start selling your artwork! For example, you could sell your photography, calligraphy prints, or graphic designs. Of course, it depends on what you focus on, but social media allows you to share and promote just about anything!


Are you ready to create your best work? By establishing positive habits, you’re bound to find success doing what you love.

And if you discover being a certain kind of artist isn’t your thing, you may excel doing something else. For example, as a graphic designer, you find out you’d rather focus on being an illustrator.

Keep looking for ways to improve your skillset and get the support you need. Whether you make a career out of it or do it to grow as an individual, make sure you have plenty of fun along the way!


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