123Movies Proxy Unblocked and Mirror Sites

123Movies Proxy Unblocked let you access the 123Movies site. There are only a few websites or destinations where latest released movies are hosted in a proper manner. Most of the online streaming websites claim to offer Movies Streaming for free but half of them just contains advertisements rest of them ask to complete surveys etc.

So, if you are looking for a reliable source where you can watch & download the latest movies for free without spending a single penny then I must tell you that 123Movies is one stop destination for you to watch Movies. We all love to watch the movies in our free time and many of us search on the Youtube for full movies but there are only promos & songs available of the movie. You can find your favorite movies on the Torrent or 123 Movies Website.

But there is an issue with the 123Movies website is that it is banned in many countries such as the UK and many more. If you are from the UK then you can’t access the 123Movies website directly because it is banned there by the government. If it is not opening for you then you might be also looking for some solutions by which you can access the 123Movies Unblocked. 

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The only solution to access the Blocked or Banned websites is via the Proxies or VPNs. If you are looking for a VPN then let me tell you that you will have to purchase the VPN subscription which might be costly for you. As the free VPNs provide only limited access which might not be sufficient for you to watch movies on 123Movies website.

That’s why there is only one choice left for you to access the 123Movies which are via the Proxies. There are thousands of proxies available on the Internet which let you access any website anonymously. But there are some issues with Proxies also as many of them do not work efficiently.

123Movies Proxy Unblocked
123Movies Proxy


123Movies Proxy Unblocked

Here in this article, I am going to share with you some of the best and working proxies which will help you to Unblock 123Movies and you will be able to access the website even if it is banned in your country. You just have to open the Proxy website and you are ready to go. Proxies often get dead but here in this article, I keep updating the latest proxies time to time which works smoothly.

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Below I have shared the list of proxies which might help you to Unblock 123Movies. However, if one proxy does not work for you then you can give a try to remaining ones. If none of them works then please do let us know via the comments section below or if you have any working proxy with yourself then you can share that with us via writing below.

123Movies Unblocked Mirror Sites

123movies.unblocked.re Online
123movies.immunicity.re Online
123movies.bypassed.re Online
123movies.unblocked.pm Online
123movies.immunicity.pm Online
123movies.bypassed.pm Online
123movies.net Offline
123movies.to Online
123-movie.ru Online
gostream.is Online

Use VPN to Unblock 123Movies

I hope that above shared proxies might have helped you to access the 123Movies website but if you are still unable to access the 123Movies even after using the proxies then I have another solution for you which is via VPN. You can access to 123Movies site with VPNs also. There are various VPNs available on the Internet which let you access the Internet anonymously.

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There are two methods of VPN which can Unblock 123Movies for you. The first method is via installing the VPN software on your system and another method is via using the VPN Extensions on your browser. Both of method will work for you to Unblocked 123Movies.

#1: Using a VPN Software

The very first method here is via using a VPN application to access the 123Movies site. Now you might be wondering that which VPN should I use? As there are thousands of VPN providers available on the Internet. Finding one of the best among them is a quite difficult task. But you don’t need to worry we have made this process also easy by sharing some of the best & convenient VPN providers.

As per my own experience, I will recommend you to use CyberGhost, NordVPN & ExpressVPN to access the 123Movies. Simply download the VPN application on your system and install that on your desktop. After that open the VPN application and connect to any server then open Chrome browser and enter the 123Movies.Com in your address bar. Boom! Now, 123Movies will be opened on your browser and you will be able to watch all the movies via the website.

You can use any VPN provider which suits your requirements, you can give a try to HideMyAss VPN also as it is also good and there are more chances of Unblocking 123Movies. For better performance, you can connect the VPN the United States server.

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#2: Using VPN Extension

There is a drawback of using the VPN application is that once you connect to a VPN server then all the applications will catch your location or IP based on the VPN server whether it be an application that’s why here you will need a VPN Extension. If you connect a VPN Extension then only that browser will be using the IP or Location of that server on which you are connected to. All other applications and browsers will work as usual.

Now you might be wondering how to set up a VPN extension on the browser and which VPN extension should I use. As per my own experience, I would like to say that Browsec VPN is one of the best VPN extension and I would recommend you to use this extension. If you have never installed the extension on your browser then follow the below mentioned steps to install VPN extension on your browser.

  • At first open Google Chrome browser on your desktop.
  • Now click on the three dots at the top right corner where you will see an option of More Tools. 
  • Click on it and then select Extensions from there.

123Movies VPN Extension

  • After that click on Extensions menu and select Open Chrome Web Store.
  • Now search for Browsec VPN in the search bar section.

123movies browsec vpn extension

  • Click on Add to Chrome.
  • Now extension will be installed on your browser.
  • After that, you will find the VPN extension icon on the top right side of your address bar.
  • Click on the VPN icon and select Enable.
  • Boom! Now enter 123Movies in the address bar and you will be able to access 123Movies site.


So, here I have shared the best and working methods for 123Movies Proxy Unblocked Mirror Sites. If you are having any trouble in using the proxies or VPN or any proxy not working for you then please do let us know via the comments section below. If you have any suggestion or working VPN & Proxy with you then you can share that with our readers via the comments section.

I hope you loved this guide on 123Movies Mirror Sites/Proxies if so then please do not forget to share it with your friends and on social media. Keep visiting us for more updates regarding 123Movies Proxy.

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