10 Reasons Why Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier

Nowadays, gaming is not just about action-packed shooter games but challenging strategies also. With the advancement of technology, game developers keep on bringing the best and appealing gaming ideas to try. Fortunately, amazing games are there in the market and playing them is not at all waste of time. In fact, experts have proved that playing games have an amazing and positive effect on one’s mind. People, who play video games, are happier than those, who don’t. Before you check out battlelog, make sure to have a quick glance at 10 lucrative reasons why adults, who play video games, are happier.


#1. An Exercise for Brain

You might need serious strategies and the ability to concentrate if you want to improve your skills as a gamer. When there is so much to remember, your memory will enhance. Come with amazing 3D graphics and immersive audio, you will find the games rich in stimuli. You will experience enhanced brain functions and sharpen your memories by playing video games.

#2. Slow Down Aging

As you age, you will get wise perks of playing video games. Keeping your brain in shape is indeed mandatory to slow down aging. You can easily slow down aging by playing video games. Nowadays, games are not addictive. In fact, they are good for learning and bring you back to your childhood to slow down aging.

#3. Better Decision Making

Do you know games affect our ability to make a decision? Another surprising benefit of playing video games is that they will help you make precise decisions in life. When you choose games that require specific strategies to play and win, you will be automatically rewarded with the ability to make better decisions.

#4. Helps Your Eyesight

People think that spending too much time on screen can hurt their eyesight. However, when you play first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty and Ring of Elysium, you will experience that your eyesight is improved. These games are fast and help you do eye exercise that improves your vision.

#5. You Are No Longer Anti-Social

If you often face problem in socializing and making friends, then you don’t have to worry. The first person shooter games will help you expand your circle and socialize for a better experience. You will make new friends and avoid being someone, who is anti-social. This game play will help you socialize in public.

#6. Enhance Your Ability to Learn

This reason contradicts the belief that gaming can make your learning worst. The reality of gaming is that it enhances your ability to learn and provides your brain flexibility. The fast and real-time strategies are required to improve your ability to learn.

#7. Improved Focus and Attention

Gaming will improve your focus and attention. You will definitely change your perception while gaming. In fact, you need to play smartly to win the game and this is why gaming will provide you with improved focus and attention.

#8. Helps Treat Depression

Gaming will distract you and refresh your mind. You can easily treat depression while playing video games. Since every stage of gaming introduces new facts and creative graphics, you will seize a chance to treat depression with relative ease.

#9. Inspire You Make The Best Out of You

We always want to be better than that we are today. When you engage yourself in gaming, you will inspire yourself to keep learning and present the version of yourself. Of course, playing video games will encourage you to keep learning new tactics and work on improving your skills and play like a pro. Certainly, games have a great impact on other parts of your life too. You will develop a habit of polishing your skills and bring the best out of you.

#10. Enhances Your Mood

There is no doubt that games have a direct impact on your mood. Whatever you may have in your mind, it will reflect in your behavior. However, you can instantly uplift your mood and feel happier by playing video games. No matter what your choices are for video games, make sure to add them to your all time favorite activities that you would enjoy in your spare time, as gaming will enhance your mood and keep you enjoyed throughout life.


There is no denying that playing video games indeed have a great impact on your overall life. Now, you might have reasons why adults, who play video games, are generally happier. If you want to keep yourself happier, try your hands on video games and enjoy life as much as you can. Therefore, find your favorite game and make your life happier.


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