Jio Still Has The Same Internet Speed Even After 100 Million Customers

Reliance Jio’s chairman Mukesh Ambani said that his telecom venture has reached 100 million customers which is a huge success for Mukesh Ambani. He also said “When we started Jio, we set a target for ourselves that we will acquire 100 million customers in shortest time. Even we didn’t imagine that we would do it in months,”. The company has been providing unlimited true 4g internet access, free text messaging & unlimited voice calling from their start. That’s why they have become so much popular and acquired 100 million customers in just a few months which is a significant achievement for Reliance group.

jio reached 100 million customers

The best thing about Reliance Jio is that Jio’s internet speed is still same even after reaching 100 million customers. When Jio was launched, then some telecom experts said that Jio users would not get the same internet speed once usage of customer increases. It is true that users had to face some problems in Jio’s starting days because there was no cap on internet usage and speed was not that much good. But from 1st January Jio has capped internet usage to 1Gb per day which has led to increase in speed and now people are getting much better speed. Jio has become the highest data consumption telecom operator.
jio internet speed
As seen above Jio speeds are still the same from December even after having 100 million customers onboard the data has been taken from TRAI’s MySpeed App. While Jio gave an average speed of 9.8 Mbps (which was 9.9 Mbps last month) while Airtel was second giving a speed of 8.2 Mbps (also 8.2 Mbps last month). Jio’s data consumption is increasing day by day, but the speed is still same even after huge increase in customers. There are also some rumors that Jio’s offer will be extended till 30th June at some reasonable price. But still, there are no official announcements.

jio speed comparison

So now if we compare the internet speed of Jio in 3 major cities of India where internet users are higher than other cities of India. You can see above in the image that Jio is still much better than other telecom operators in major cities of India. Jio is giving average 23.5mbps speed in Mumbai which is the one of the major city of India and having the higher internet speed of Jio as compared to Idea & Airtel.

The average Speeds across telcos in the major Metropolitan cities (A circles & B circles) are as follows:-

jio speed in cities
Now coming to rural areas where still 3g is not available properly. But Reliance Jio is offering 4g that too at the higher speed than other telecom operators. Jio is expanding their network reach day by day, and it is getting spread at high speed even in rural areas. In rural areas speed of Reliance Jio is three times higher than other telecom operators which can be compared to given below statements.
The average speeds in the C circles are as follows:-

jio speed in c circless
The above have some cities as well as states which belong to the C circle and Jio gave good speeds when it comes to most of the C circles .