How to Download Instagram Profile Pictures in Full Resolution

How to Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size: Instagram is one of the famous social networking application which allows the user’s to share their photos or videos with their followers. The craze of Instagram among youths is increasing day by day, and people love this cool social networking application. If you are an Instagram user then you might know that we can’t download Instagram profile pictures in full size or can’t see the profile photo in full size. It’s one of the unique feature of Instagram that the profile photo of any user can’t be downloaded or viewed in full size. The only reason behind this is the privacy of the user’s who wants to keep their profile private or don’t want to share their stuff with other. But what if you need someone’s profile picture in full size for any kind reasn 😛 Ahh, don’t worry man, we have found solution for such people who want to download instagram profile photos in full size. In this article i have shared a cool trick by which you can easily download Instagram profile picture of any user in full resolution whether his/her account is private or public. So let’s get started.

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download instagram profile picture in full size

Trick to Download Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size

Recently i was trying to download profile picture in full size of my crush from instagram. As she had a private account on instagram and she didn’t accept my follow request so the only thing which i could do was just save her profile picture because i couldn’t access her shared photos. 🙂 But unfortunately instagram doesn’t allow to download or view the profile pictures in full size of their users due to privacy issues as my crush had. 😛 So what else could i do? Crying in corner? 😀 No man, as we are living in 21st century and this is technology era. You might have heard “You can find each & everything on internet”. That’s what i did in this case. I went through google and searched for some tricks which could help me to save instagram profile pictures in full size and then i came across to an amazing tool by which we can easily save profile picture of any user on instagram in full size. So here in this post i will be sharing this amazing tool o download instagram profile picutres in full size (PS: i will not share my crush’s profile picture. :P) Read below given post to know more.

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How to Save or Download Instagram Profile Photo in Full Size

  • At first Download InstaPP Application from play store in your android device.
  • download instapp for android

  • Open the app and you will find option of search bar at top as shown below in image.
  • save instagram photos in full size

  • Now enter the username of that instagram user (your crush 😛 ) whom profile picture you want to download in full size. Wait till the profile picture get loaded completely.
  • how-to-download-instagram-dp-in-full-size

  • If you are using Android Marshmallow / Nougat then you may be asked to allow storage access simply allow it.
  • That’s it, Now you can download or save instagram profile picture of any user in full size.
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  • save instagram profile photo in full size

Final Verdict: I hope you liked my article and got to know How to Download Instagram Profile Pictures in Full Size. If so then don’t forget to share this awesome article with your friends so that they can also download instagram profile pictures of their crush in full size. 😛 Keep visiting RdxTricks for more.