Effects of Reliance Jio: Situations Before & After Jio’s Launch

As you, all know that Jio has made significant changes in telecom operators world. At first, we would like to say thank’s a lot to reliance jio for making telecom operator’s industry highly competitive. Reliance Jio entered in communication business like a boss. Which is very important for business. Whenever you are entering into new business, it is important to create a buzz a huge buzz. People should talk about you and same is happening in the case of Jio. So here in this post I will be covering few situations before and after reliance jio.

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effects of jio launch

Situtations before Jio

Before Jio, everybody was fed up of paying a huge amount on data packs as well as main balance. Telecom operators were charging huge amounts to their users such as usually all the telecom’s were offering 1gb 3g internet pack at around 248rs which was out of range from a common man. Prices of data packs were skyrocketing and people were fed up of such situations.

Before reliance jio’s launch all the incumbents were on similar plans and prices of data packs were increasing day by day at rapid speed. All the telecom operators were following the same way of increasing data packs prices.

Funny part before jio’s launch was that people were using the “Missed Call” strategy to save money, as the call rates were also so high that’s why “Missed Calls” were being used.

People from backward or rural area were not using internet that much but voice calls was the main part of their mobile usage. As voice call rates were also increasing at rapid speed and voice calls bill was being a headache for non-internet users. Usually a common man had to keep extra money as savings from his salary to spend on internet and voice call bills. Internet and voice call usage bill of a common was around 1k per month.

Crucial part was that networks were passive and they had nothing new to offer and they were just offering data packs at the normal price which was so costly. Roaming was also a big issue for normal people who were staying out of state they had to bear lot’s of voice calls charges over roaming. So at overall before Jio’s launch telecom operators were dominating customers. Here is the report of idea internet plans before jio launch which was so costly.


Situations after Jio Launch

Situations after jio’s launch has changed a lot in telecom world. They had entered in a market which is already flooded with lots of service provider, 40% people are using 2 sim (2 service provider), Bharti, Vodafone and Idea are few of the biggest business house in world. Now when Jio start business the question is why some one will buy Jio card, when there are so many options available and Airtel, Vodafone and Idea has 20 year of track record ?

There is incumbents fighting to give better offers between telecom operators which has reduced data plans prices. In jio data is available as cheap as 50/gb.
Best thing after jio’s entery happened is that people are no more giving missed calls. 😛 Earlier which was being a serious issue due to hike in voice call prices. Before jio voice calls were a big part of billing but now voice calls are completely free one can make unlimited voice calls without any issue.

Since 4G is an all IP network, Jio will focus on VoLTE, the only operator in India to introduce HD Voice and Video and seamless transition between them. Jio is also not back in the field of innovation, It has made sure that our existing non VoLTE 4G devices are able to work with Jio’s network via an App called Jio Join that allows you to make calls from non native VoLTE phones(even from any wifi enabled phone connected to Jio Wifi device/Hotspot). Even if you phone support Voice over Wifi, Jio will allow you to use that at predefined Jio public hotspots. This not only increases the network capacity but allows to extend Jio 4G to personal spaces using Wifi. Jio is also roam free which adds more value to it’s users who are staying in other states.

Jio has the only network conceived and born as a mobile video network from the ground up. It is future ready and it can be easily upgraded to support even more data, as technologies advance to 5G, 6G and beyond.
before and after jio


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